Starfield: Complete Guide & Walkthrough

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Starfield: Complete Guide & Walkthrough

This is a complete guide and walkthrough of Starfield. Check out everything from the best builds to weapons, skills, and whatnot!

The “Skyrim of the Sky,” Starfield, is now on your doorstep. This 24th-century plot takes place at a time when humankind lost hope for Earth. To find a new hope in the sky, humanity has finally colonized a number of solar systems. And amidst these new colonies, you are one of those suffering from an existential crisis. And to share that misery, you will create a character of your own, complete daily tasks, and probably fight some space pirates in the meantime.

However, the story lies far deeper. Apart from fighting space pirates, you might also have to solve numerous space mysteries, discover new worlds, and much more. Players will design their own character and journey through the cosmos, performing tasks, fighting foes, and discovering new worlds. Built on the new Creation Engine 2, Starfield is ready to give you the experience of Skyrim, but in space with better visuals. And this complete guide to Starfield is all you need while you explore the interstellar highway.

Before You Jump In

Dive Deep Right In

Starfield: Complete Guide & Walkthrough

Now, we are about to go right in Starfield mechanics. Start with creating a character that you can call your own with personalized traits, appearances, and even background checks. Needless to say, you have to fill up the form by yourself. However, what can we do is to guide you to the best possible combination. Moreover, a bit of seasoning with the “How Do You Do” category. Check out what have we here for you:

Character Creation Basics

Companion Guides

How-To Guides

Story Walkthrough

Starfield: Complete Guide & Walkthrough

Starfield’s main story missions should take between 15-20 hours to finish, based on how much you are boozed in the extra content. However, you do realize that the game is made to be played more than once, so you can always come back and try walking some other paths, some other side quests to complete, and some other decisions to make. Feel free to go at your own pace.

Puzzles & Decisions

Planet & Stars

City Guides

Factions Guide

Gears, Items, and Many More

Starfield: Complete Guide & Walkthrough

In Starfield, you can always find better weapons and gear as you proceed in the late game. Some guns and spacesuits are special and stay the same no matter how many times you play. This specific guide is all about the gears, weapons you can stash, items you can carry, ships you can build, and houses you can afford. Prost!

Best Builds

  • Best Background Tier List
  • Best Traits
  • Best Melee Builds
  • Best Stealth Builds
  • Best Tank Builds



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Ship Guides

House Guides

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