Starfield: Where to Find Ship Inventory Cargo Hold

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Starfield has spaceships that allow you to roam around the universe. Now, where do I find the ship inventory cargo hold, how do I store items, and how do I increase the ship’s storage space?

In the vast expanse of space, managing your inventory is key to a smooth journey in Starfield. Your ship is your home away from home. Getting acquainted with its layout allows you to efficiently navigate its confines during your cosmic travels.

Amidst your exploration, identifying and utilizing your cargo hold is an essential step in this process. Storing excess items in your ship’s cargo hold prevents over-encumbrance, freeing you to focus on exploration. But where exactly is the elusive cargo hold located? This guide has you covered.

Ship Inventory Cargo Hold in Starfield

Follow the steps below to find the elusive cargo hold’s location:

  • Firstly, get onto your ship.
Firstly, get onto your ship
  • Secondly, interact with the wall panel next to the pilot seat in the ship’s cockpit.
The pilot seat and Cargo Hold
  • Now, you can switch between ship inventory and your inventory to drop/receive items.
Inventory in Ship

However, this system may not be immediately intuitive, especially for beginners. Keep doing it a few times, and soon, you will become natural at it.

How to Store Items on Your Ship

Storing items on your ship in Starfield is a straightforward process that can be accomplished through the cockpit interface. Regardless of the type of ship you possess, you will always find a screen on one of the cockpit’s side walls. Head to the cockpit and locate the console along the left wall. Interact with this Cargo Hold Console to access your ship’s inventory system.

Alternatively, open your character menu while near a 250-meter radius of your ship. Open the ship menu, and if you’re using a controller, press’ X’ to access the cargo hold, followed by ‘LB’ to switch to your inventory. This permits direct transfer between your personal inventory and the hold without boarding.

How to Increase Your Ship’s Storage Space

Expanding your ship’s inventory requires engaging in Starfield ship customization. Purchase cargo hold upgrades to expand your ship’s inventory capacity. The amount of expansion varies depending on the type of cargo hold you choose.

Notably, if you opt for Shielded Cargo Holds, you can delve into Starfield’s contraband smuggling mechanics and potentially profit from less-than-legal activities on the side. Installation is done via the ship customization menu. This seamlessly expands the cargo hold system.

How to Check Ship Inventory

Check your ship’s inventory by accessing the Cargo Hold Console located in the cockpit or using the hold option in your character menu’s ship section. Toggle between personal inventory and cargo hold when trading or selling items.

Press “Q” on PC or the left bumper (LB) on console to alternate between inventories at trade terminals. This allows direct cargo hold sales without offloading to your person first.

Important Notes

One important consideration is that when you modify your ship, all unsecured items will be transferred to your ship’s inventory. This applies to items within weapons cases, on helmet stands, or displayed on mannequins.

If you happen to steal an enemy ship and make it your own, all items from your original ship’s inventory will be transferred, irrespective of the new ship’s shielded status. So, it’s a good idea to sell anything illegal before getting on a ship to collect things.

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