valorant guides

Guidelines for new players preparing for Valorant

Riots new tactical FPS Valorant has people really hyped. For those new players who want to be good at the game from day one, these...
Revenant Apex Legends

Here is Everything you Need to Know for Playing Revenant Efficiently

Apex Legends new season 4 Assimilation introduced us to Revenant aka death himself. With all the hype leading up to his release, many players are...
who's turn it

Legends of Runeterra: who’s turn is it

Understanding who's turn it is now can be a little confusing in Legends of Runeterra. EasyCollin explained some of the mechanics in this guide.

Legends of Runeterra: How to fight against Ledros decks

A lot of players don't seem to understand how Commander Ledros works or how to counter him in-game. EasyCollin explained in this guide how Ledros...
Legend of Runeterra

How to play Legends of Runeterra on your phone

Legends of Runeterra is a free-to-play online digital collectible card game developed and published by Riot Games. You can play this game on your mobile...
swain support

Is Swain Support Any Good? Explained by a 74% Winrate Master Swain Player

Swain is not in a good spot for both Mid and Top lane instead he is been played in Support role more often in patch...
destiny 2 pvp weapons

Destiny 2: Strongest PvP Weapons and Exotics Meta Guide for PC

This guide is aimed mostly at giving newer players some goals and objectives to farm, as Destiny 2 can be overwhelming otherwise by u/Raintechnoid.
support item

Double Support Item Bot Lane can Grant More Gold than Just Regular CSing

With the recent changes in the Support items, CSing more than 20cs per 5 minutes activates a gold debuff in which you get less gold...
rocket league settings

Rocket League Settings Guide for the Competitive Players

The ultimate Rocket League settings guide for the competitively oriented player by u/Ungoliant0. This guide is aimed towards the competitively oriented players...
apex legends 20 kill badge

How to get 20 kill games in Apex Legends

Getting 20 eliminations in apex legends is not an easy feat at all. After all, it takes good aim, good reaction, and good map...