Nafiu Aziz

Nafiu Aziz is an avid gamer and a writer at GameRiv, covering Apex Legends, CS:GO, VALORANT, and plenty of other popular FPS titles in between. He scours the internet daily to get the latest scoop in esports.


Apex Legends season 7 battle pass suggests R99 might be returning to the normal loot pool

Respawn finally revealed its gameplay trailer for season 7 of Apex Legends. And the trailer showcases that the R99 is getting the...

Apex Legends dev explains why it feels like Respawn ships weak characters in each new season

Respawn just recently revealed Horizon to be its latest character in season 7 of Apex Legends. And just like...

VALORANT patch 1.11 will turn saving weapons into more of a risk-reward scenario

Riot Games released the patch notes for VALORANT patch 1.11 and it contains some big changes that will significantly affect the decision...


Apex Legends leak revealed all the locations in the new map Olympus

Respawn just released its new cinematic trailer for season 7 of Apex Legends which featured a new map called "Olympus".

Apex Legends season 7 – Ascension trailer gives players a first glimpse into Olympus, Hoverbike, and Horizon

Respawn finally revealed their new cinematic trailer for the new season 7 of Apex Legends. Season 7 will not...

A new leak suggests controller support is coming to VALORANT

VALORANT is a PC only 5v5 tactical shooter from the developers behind League of Legends. Riot Games always marketed...

VALORANT Wasteland skin bundle: first look, price, release date

With new VALORANT patch 1.11, Riot Games finally introduced Skye into the game exactly two weeks after the release of ACT 3.

VALORANT patch 1.11 agent updates: big changes to Breach, Cypher, Killjoy before the First Strike tournament go live

Riot Games just released VALORANT's new patch 1.11 that introduces new agent Skye alongside a plethora of new changes to Sentinel and...

VALORANT patch notes 1.11: Skye finally enters the ring

With the new VALORANT patch 1.11, Skye who is the new agent in VALORANT's ACT 3 finally makes her official debut.

VALORANT Reaver skin bundle: all the variants, animation, playercard, release date, price

Riot Games just officially teased the Reaver skin bundle making a return to the VALORANT store confirming the old rumors.

Apex Legends Ranked Season 7: release date, new map Olympus, crossplay, ranked reset, and split dates

Respawn just revealed all the new changes that are coming for the new ranked season 7 of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands – “Promise” gives a glimpse into Horizon’s past

Respawn has been teasing the new character in Apex Legends allegedly called "Horizon" for some time now. Even before...

How to properly use Omen ultimate in VALORANT

Omen is probably one of the most intriguing agents in VALORANT. All of his kits are tailor-made for lurkers.


CoD: Black Ops Cold War will integrate with Warzone in December

Activision has confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will merge with Call of Duty: Warzone in December, a month...

New Black OPS: Cold War Zombies Perks, Upgrades and Info revealed ahead of the launch

Black Ops: Cold War Zombies mode will receive some fan-favorite features at Launch. According to Treyarch, the game is likely to drop...

Australian Youtuber Lachlan is the Next one to Join The Fortnite Icon Series

Australian YouTuber Lachlan is the next one to join Ninja and Loserfruit and become part of the Fortnite Icon Series. Recently he...

Apex Legends season 7 “clubs” feature is going to make it easier for players to build a community

Respawn finally revealed more information regarding their upcoming "Clubs" feature that will also launch with season 7 of Apex Legends.