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CSGO colorblind

CSGO’s agent skin became a death sentence for all colorblind players

With the launch of operation Shattered Webs in CSGO valve introduced us with the concept of agent skins. Even though at the...
Source 2 in CSGO

Is Valorant pushing Valve to release Counter-Strike in Source 2 sooner?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now breaking all previous records as the whole world is in a lockdown state right now. Even after...
csgo half life alyx

New CSGO update live, contains Half-Life Alyx collectibles

A new update has dropped for CSGO. This update went live on 03/22/2020 and has new in-game content to celebrate the release of Half-Life: Alyx....
CSGO new steam records

CSGO is helping steam in reaching a new record number of concurrent players

CSGO has been creating new records even before the world wide lockdown began due to the COVID 19 pandemic. At this point...
FNS Csgo

North American CSGO team Orgless in dire need of a coach

The North American roster currently taking part in Flashpoint 1 are looking for a coach/analyst to guide them Orgless earned their place in flashpoint 1 by...
CSGO 1 million concurrent player

CSGO has passed 1 million concurrent players for the first time ever

Counter strike just passed 1 million concurrent players for the first time after the game became free-to-play. CSGO has been breaking record...
ESL Pro League CSGO

ESL Pro League CSGO to be played online

Amid the coronavirus fears, ESL just announced that ESL pro league CSGO will be played online. As the world health organization(WHO) just...
WWE flashpoint

Flashpoint hired a former WWE writer to work with CSGO players

Flashpoint the main competitor of ESL has gone up and beyond as they hired a former WWE writer to work with their competitive CSGO players.
Navi CSGO back on top

Na`Vi CS:GO reinherits the throne

Recently Na`Vi(Natus Vincere) dethroned Astralis from their number 1 spot after being the kings for 4 straight months. The CIS giants...

Is Gen.G the next biggest thing in North American CSGO?

Last year, On 6th November Global esports organization, Gen.G, announced the formation of its first CS:GO team. The roster included some of...