The Most Popular Maps in CS:GO Matchmaking 2022

CSGO just celebrated its 10th anniversary, and over the years, the competitive map popularity has changed quite a bit. Let’s take a look at the current most popular maps in matchmaking.

In CSGO’s competitive mode, popularly known as Matchmaking, players can select which maps they queue for. This allows them to pick a map or from a small selection of maps they are interested in playing. This nifty feature helps immensely as you only play the maps you want, although it can lead to higher queue times for unpopular maps at off-peak hours.

Most Popular CSGO Maps in Matchmaking

Due to this feature in play, some maps are much more popular than others. Data collected from this gives us a statistical representation of the most popular to least popular maps in CSGO matchmaking. Let’s take a look.

Image via r/GlobalOffensive
Image via r/GlobalOffensive

When you ask anyone familiar with CSGO what they think is the most popular map they think is, almost all of them will answer Dust-2. Although this may be true in the past, dust 2 currently sits in 3rd position by a small margin.

The most popular map in CSGO matchmaking at 29.6% of matches played is Mirage. This means almost 1/3rd of all competitive games in the first half of 2022 was played in Mirage!

Coming in at 2nd place is Inferno with 20.7%, just beating Dust-2, which is at 20.5%. This means 2/5ths of all CSGO competitive matches are played in these 2 maps. Just these 3 maps combined account for around 70% of all matches played in CSGO Matchmaking.

In order, the other maps are Nuke, Overpass, Cache, Vertigo, Ancient, and Train. According to Valve’s previous actions, we might see the less popular maps taken out of active duty and replaced with another map in rotation.

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