Popular CSGO Skin Trading Website Gets Hacked, $6 Million Worth Of Skins Have Been Stolen

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Valve/CS.MONEY

Renowned CSGO skin trading website CS MONEY has been the victim of a massive hack and it turns out these bad actors stole $6 Million worth of skins.

Valve’s infamous Arms Deal update for CSGO on August 14, 2013, introduced the world to weapon skins. This tactical shooter has never been the same since skin trading has become a massive part of the whole CSGO experience.

Some of these exclusive skin collections can be sold for Million of dollars on third-party sites. Unsurprisingly, hackers also got involved in this trading process due to the massive demand for these skins. Even recently, one CSGO inventory containing $2,000,000+ in skins was allegedly hacked.

Now, a popular skin trading site CS.MONEY has also followed the same path as it was also hacked by bad actors. Apparently, these hackers got access to the trading bots that the website was using to trade expensive CSGO skins.

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CS Money is Down

This one crafty hacker somehow managed to get control of the trading bots and, with the help of approximately 100 fake accounts, got hold of skins worth $ 6 million. Following the attack, CS MONEY stopped its services temporarily and issued a statemeant acknowledging the hack.

Image via CS.MONEY

CS.MONEY also stated that they are currently working hard to fix the issue, and they also thanked the whole CSGO community for their help in fighting back against these hackers.

The Community is Fighting Back

One dedicated CSGO fan ARROWCSGO started to collect suspicious accounts that are linked with these recent attacks. And has made a list to help CS.MONEY track them down and end this barrage of attacks.

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The situation is still developing as of writing. So, we’ll update this article with more up-to-date information as soon as we receive an update from CS.MONEY.

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