The Most Expensive CS: GO Inventory Worth $2,000,000+ In Skins Has Allegedly Been Hacked and Stolen

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Valve

The most expensive CS: GO inventory has allegedly been hacked, and rumor says the account was worth more than 2 million USD.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive introduced skins with the Arms Deal update on August 14, 2013. It was one of the first games to adapt to in-game cosmetic items. Like other games, the CS: GO skins also do not provide any extra functionality and are used only for cosmetic purposes.

Though CS: GO skins do not provide in-game value, they surely cost real money. Players can get these skins by opening containers, trade-up contracts, or from random drops. Some skins cost more than others mainly because of their looks and rarity.

Many people like to collect and stack these skins in their inventory. There’s a whole dedicated community of skin collectors who find the rarest CS: GO skins and other items that most people can only dream of having.

The CS: GO skins are exchangeable via personal trade or steam market. As they are not permanently attached to your account, they are vulnerable to hacking or scams. Even though the accounts are strictly protected via VALVE’s security system, it seems like it wasn’t enough for the number 1 CS: GO skin collector to lose $2+ million USD worth of skins.

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$2,000,000+ Worth of Skins Has Been Hacked and Stolen

HFB, a player from UAE, owned the most expensive CS: GO inventory of all time. He was the number 1 collector of the rarest CS: GO skins the community has ever seen. He mostly stayed private his entire time and never showcased it publicly.

Even after this, it seems like his account was not immune to evil eyes. Because recently, HFB’s account got compromised by hackers, and all his skins and items worth millions of dollars were traded and sold.

His account had some of the highest valued skins, such as Souvenir Dragon Lores, No-star Karambit, #1 Blue Gems, and more. The total value of the inventory was more than $2 million USD. It is painful even to imagine such misfortune as CS: GO fans. Hopefully, VALVE gets to look into this issue carefully, and it all gets sorted out.

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