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APEX UI concept

This fanmade concept takes Apex Legends UI to the next level

When Apex Legends launched last year it was defined by the use of its contextual ping system that refined the FPS battle...
Apex s4 weapon DPS graph

DPS guide with updated numbers for weapons in Apex Legends S4

Apex Legends new season assimilation launched February 14th last month. With the start of the new season, Respawn made a lot of...
Firing Range Apex

Someone finally made it to the Airship Island in Apex Legends’ Firing Range

Back on October 11, 2019, Respawn added a highly desired feature called the Firing Range in Apex Legends. Since...
Mirage Apex Legends

Are we ready for this fanmade Mirage concept in Apex Legends?

With the recent update to Apex Legends, Respawn finally decided to give Bloodhound a much deserving buff. Will Mirage see something similar...
pathfinder glitch

There is a Pathfinder glitch in Apex that you have no idea about

Apex Fans just found out about a weird running glitch that includes Pathfinder. The main reason no one at...

Apex Legends Global Series Major 1 has been postponed due to the Coronavirus

Apex Legends Global Series Major 1 that was supposed to be held on March 1st just got postponed until any further notice.
Apex Legend selection

Apex Fan Came up with a Simple Concept for the Legend Selection Menu

If you ever tried to multitask while playing Apex Legends you might have come across this problem that has been plaguing the...
apex systemoverrideevent

Former LOL player who spent $2,900 Warns Apex Fans on the Dangers of Overspending

Apex Legends just launched its System Override event that will include the Octane heirloom guaranteed for approximately $170. Former...
airship assassin wraith

Why is wraith’s airship assassin the most sought after skin in Apex Legends?

The rarity of Legendary skins in a free-to-play live service game is what makes it financially viable. This holds true for Apex...
apex legends buff concepts

Apex Fan-Made Concept for weaker Characters are Worth Considering

To say some of the characters in Apex Legends are in a dire need of a buff would be an understatement. So,...