Apex Legends Character Pick Rate in Season 16

Apex Legends has released 23 unique legends so far. So, let’s find out the pick rate of each legend in Season 16.

Since the beginning of Apex Legends, Respawn has introduced a considerable number of characters in the game. Until Season 16, we have seen 23 Legends being released into Apex Legends, all with their own abilities and unique features.

Among all the Legends, Catalyst is the latest in the game. She is a defensive legend, released in Season 15. In every season, Respawn makes changes to these legends to keep them balanced and spice things up.

Likewise, the legend adjustments throughout the season also affect the legend pick rate. In any case, some legends are more popular than others and usually remain at the top regardless of other alternatives.

Also, the pick rate of newly released legends usually stays higher. So that does not represent their actual pick rate in most cases. So, without further ado, let’s find out the overall character pick rate in Season 16.

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Character Pick Rate in Season 16

Season 16 character pick rate apex
Credit: Apex Legends status

As mentioned earlier, the pick rate of the Legends fluctuates throughout the Season, and the nerfs and buffs actually have significant impacts on their pick rates.

Here are all the legends according to the highest to lowest pick rate percentage:

  1. Octane (11.2%)
  2. Wraith (11.2%)
  3. Pathfinder (10.5%)
  4. Bloodhound (7.1%)
  5. Bangalore (6.8%)
  6. Lifeline (5.4%)
  7. Ash (5.1%)
  8. Horizon (4.6%)
  9. Valkyrie (4.5%)
  10. Loba (4.5%)
  11. Mirage (3.6%)
  12. Fuse (3.3%)
  13. Mad Maggie (2.6%)
  14. Wattson (2.4%)
  15. Vantage (2.3%)
  16. Crypto (2.2%)
  17. Catalyst (2.2%)
  18. Caustic (2.1%)
  19. Revenant (2.1%)
  20. Seer (2%)
  21. Gibraltar (1.5%)
  22. Rampart (1.5%)
  23. Newcastle (1.3%)

According to Apex legends status‘s data, currently, Octane is dominating the highest pick rate percentage among all the legends, followed by Wraith, Pathfinder, Bloodhound, and Bangalore.

At the bottom of the list are Newcastle, Rampart, Gibraltar, and Seer, with the lowest pick rates among all the legends. Catalyst had one of the top pick rates at the start of Season 15; however, her pick rate has dropped to a mere 2.2%.

Remember, the information is based on 16.3 million players, so the actual pick rate may vary from the original data that EA has. Nonetheless, this is a very good sample size and quite a good representation of the real pick rate of the total player base.

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