When will Source 2 Arrive in CS: GO? – Leaks, Release Date, & More

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Source 2 is a highly anticipated update for every CounterStrike fan out there. With more leaks and rumors surfacing over the internet, it seems like the wait for Source 2 may finally be coming to an end.

Counter Strike first originated from a mod for Half Life. Later, Valve acquired the mod and officially released Counter Strike as a full-fledged FPS game in 2000. Since then, the game went through major updates along with some engine modifications.

Counter Strike revolutionized when CS source came along. Valve shifted the game totally on a different engine, keeping the game’s main features untouched. After that, throughout the years, CS has made quite a name for itself with different titles.

However, the biggest change occurred when Valve announced Counter Strike: Global Offensive in 2012. The game broke the internet. People all around the world, especially CS fans, loved the game, and it became the most notorious FPS game in the history of CS.

Since CS: GO‘s release, the game went through multiple updates making the game a little better than the previous version. However, the fundamentals of the game and the Source engine remained the same, even after Valve released an updated Source 2 engine in 2015.

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When Will Source 2 Arrive in CS: GO?

As mentioned earlier, Valve launched Source 2 in 2015. Along with its release, Dota 2, another highly popular game was launched. Watching their takeoff side by side, people got excited and expected CS to receive a similar treatment.

However, the update never came through. CS: GO is still running in the same Source engine. In 2017, Valve was close to releasing the Source 2 engine in CS: GO, but they released only Panorama UI instead of shifting the whole engine.

Recently, there have been some leaks and rumors about a Source 2 engine being worked on Counter Strike. And, it seems like the engine shift may actually go through this time. It mainly started when a clip from WarOwl, a very well-known content creator, surfaced on the internet.

In one of WarOwl’s streams, he said, “I want the source update. I’m honestly waiting for the source update, umm.. in August.” Immediately after that, WarOwl said, “oh, I shouldn’t have said that.” It indicates that WarOwl might have had insider info about Source 2’s release.

YouTube video

Apart from WarOwl’s clip, other leaks were pointing towards the release of Source 2 pretty soon. Apparently, data miners have found that some maps are being tried on the game with “S2” code, which means source 2. Also, CS: GO developers were seen testing those servers within the game.

YouTube video

Counter Strike Source 2 Release Date

CS: GO will turn 10 years in August 2022. With all these leaks and rumors, there is a high possibility that Valve may release a new Counter Strike in the Source 2 engine in August 2022. Even if it does not release in August 2022, it is safe to assume that the launch of Source 2 has never been closer.

With VALORANT being a tough competition, Valve may just come with a surprise release of Source 2 very soon. However, this is just a leak, so take it with a grain of salt.

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