The 10 Most Expensive AWP Skins of Counter-Strike 2 in 2024

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The most expensive AWPs in CSGO

After Knives, AWP skins are the second most expensive skins in Counter-Strike 2. Here we’ll be taking a look at the most expensive ones that exist in 2024.

In Counter-Strike 2, the prices of skins can range from a few cents to several thousands of dollars. The AWP is no exception to these as, after the main two rifles, the AWP is the next most used weapon in the game. The AWP is a highly cherished weapon by the community and that is why AWP skins tend to cost more than all pistol, SMG, and even rifle skins. (The only exception is the Contraband StatTrak M4A4 Howl).

A skin’s price is based on a variety of factors like Skin Wear (Float), what case it is from, is the skin is still attainable in the game or not, StatTrak or not, whether it is of a unique pattern, or whether it has a unique sticker. But to keep things simple, we will not be taking into account the last 3 factors. You can see a list of The Most Expensive CS2 Skins where we make a list of the world’s most expensive CS2 items, taking the unique floats, patterns, and stickers into account.

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Most Expensive AWP Skins in CS2

The skins here will be ranked by the price of the highest-valued versions of these skins. The main platform for finding price listings is Steam Market. However, prices in the Steam Market fluctuate quite often. Moreover, there is a cap of 1800 USD for a single listing, whereas some skins in this list are worth more than that. Considering these factors, the prices will be taken into account from the third-party website buff163.

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 most expensive AWP skins in CS2 right now.

10. StatTrak AWP | Containment Breach

Available inShattered Web Case
Price for StatTrak Factory New$731.94
Price for StatTrak Minimal Wear$279.50
Price for StatTrak Field-Tested$134.95
Price for StatTrak Well-Worn$99.86
Price for StatTrak Battle-Scarred$73.60

Starting off the top 10 we have the AWP | Containment Breach, which was added during Operation Shattered Web. The StatTrak FN version cost the higher costs exceptionally higher than all the other qualities. However, the normal FN version is $306, almost half.

9. StatTrak AWP | Lightning Strike

Available inCS:GO Weapon case
Price for StatTrak Factory New$745.02
Price for StatTrak Minimal Wear$696.35
Price for StatTrak Field-TestedN/A
Price for StatTrak Well-WornN/A
Price for StatTrak Battle-ScarredN/A

The AWP | Lightning strike was added to the game with the first-ever CS:GO Weapon case, and the case itself costs $91 on the Steam market. This gun exists up to MW, and the FN version costs $745 on buff. The MW version is surprisingly rarer and thus costs more so we will recommend getting the FN version. However, the StatTrak Factory New version is valued the most.

8. StatTrak AWP | Oni Taiji

Available inOperation Hydra Case
Price for StatTrak Factory New$810.41
Price for StatTrak Minimal Wear$536.19
Price for StatTrak Field-Tested$367.67
Price for StatTrak Well-Worn$334.25
Price for StatTrak Battle-Scarred$541.48

The AWP | Oni-Taji was added with the Operation Hydra case, and the FN version costs about $424. However, the highest valued version will be the StatTrak Factory New which costs almost double the normal FN version. This skin does start to get scratched from FT but if you manage to get a low-float FT, this will definitely be the back for your buck.

7. AWP | Fade

Available inThe Control Collection
Price for Factory New$1,000.59
Price for Minimal Wear$944.25
Price for Field-TestedN/A
Price for Well-WornN/A
Price for Battle-ScarredN/A

Another drop-only skin added to the game with Operation Broken Fang update is the AWP | Fade. This skin exists only up to MW, and the FN version costs $1,000. The MW version is rarer, however.

6.Souvenir AWP | Desert Hydra

Available inThe 2021 Mirage Collection
Price for Souvenir Factory New$3,091.72
Price for Souvenir Minimal Wear$1,766.85
Price for Souvenir Field-Tested$1,378.77
Price for Souvenir Well-Worn$1,169.87
Price for SouvenirBattle-Scarred$1,086.31

AWP | Desert Hydra is one of the newly added AWP skins in CS2. This AWP skin was added with the Operation Riptide update in 2021. Most of the skins in this list are older than Desert Hydra. However, this amazing-looking skin didn’t take any time to climb up the place to take a spot on the expensive list. The normal FN version is available for $2,272. But the most valued version is the Souvenir Factory New, which costs $3,091.

5. AWP | The Prince

Available inThe Canals Collection
Price for Factory New$3,412.12
Price for Minimal Wear$2,534.71
Price for Field-Tested$2,179.58
Price for Well-Worn$2,123.80
Price for Battle-Scarred$1,995.74

The AWP | The Prince skin isn’t even available in the Steam market, and you have to purchase this skin through third-party sites. The prices used in this article are from trustworthy sites, so you can purchase skins from there without worry.

The FN version of this skin costs $3,412. Thankfully, it is a “Brightness skin,” meaning the texture only gets slightly darker with increasing float and doesn’t get scratched up. This is why a BS one for $1,995 is still the best value choice.

4. AWP | Medusa

Available inThe Gods and Monsters Collection
Price for Factory New$5,276.66
Price for Minimal Wear$2,523.57
Price for Field-Tested$2,002.70
Price for Well-Worn$1,641.65
Price for Battle-Scarred$1,734.19

The legendary AWP | Medusa has been the 2nd most expensive skin most of its lifetime and has only recently been pushed to a lower place. But that still doesn’t mean it’s cheap with the price of the FN version coming at around $5276. Thankfully, it is another “Brightness Skin,” and if you want to own a decent one for as cheap as possible, you can get the WW version for $1641.

3. AWP | Dragon Lore

Available inThe Cobblestone Collection
Price for Factory New$10,568.78
Price for Minimal Wear$8,021.95
Price for Field-Tested$5,689.11
Price for Well-Worn$5,013.72
Price for Battle-Scarred$3,659.32

The AWP | Dragon Lore. The crown jewel of all the AWP skins. This has been the most expensive skin for 7 years since its release, and the stickered/souvenir variant prices go up to 6 digits.

The FN version of this skin costs $10,568, making it one of the most expensive regular skins in the game. The base version of the skin is available through very expensive trade-up contracts and the souvenir version is available from opening Cobblestone drops.

This skin tends to get scratched pretty easily with more wear, so if you want to own a nice-looking one, we recommend going for the MW for at least just over $8000.

2. AWP | Gungnir

Available inThe Norse Collection
Price for Factory New$10,612.17
Price for Minimal Wear$9,358.94
Price for Field-Tested$7,364.53
Price for Well-Worn$6,322.16
Price for Battle-Scarred$5,918.49

The AWP | Gungnir is one of the recent additions to the game, which quickly rose to the top as one of the highest-tier skins in the game. If you have $10000 burning a hole in your pocket, you can go and get yourself a sweet FN Gungnir. Thankfully, it is yet another “Brightness Skin”, you can snag this bad boy up for $5918 for the BS version.

1. Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore

Available inThe Cobblestone Collection
Price for Souvenir Factory New$473,517.86
Price for Souvenir Minimal Wear$236,759.00
Price for Souvenir Field-Tested$43,173.56
Price for Souvenir Well-WornN/A
Price for Souvenir Battle-Scarred$38,299.25

If you were wondering what the absolute most expensive AWP skin in CS2 right now was that you could get directly, it is the Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore FN. This skin can only be obtained from Souvenir Cobblestone Drops, which cost $800-1000. The skin is assorted with gold foil stickers from the tournament they dropped from, and the match represents the tournament, teams, and a highlight player.

You can get yourself a Souvenir FN version for more than $400000. We won’t be including any recommendations for this skin as the prices and values heavily rely on what stickers you get on this drop and their positions. If you get a skin with an AWPers signature on the scope, you can safely go to your local dealership to pick out a nice new car because those skins are worth over a hundred thousand dollars.

Final Verdict

So, we conclude the list of the top 10 most expensive AWP skins in CS2. Note that prices are subject to change. Also, being more expensive does not mean better. If you want to have a nice-looking AWP skin at a fraction of the costs here, take a look at our The 10 Best AWP Skins of Counter-Strike 2 in 2024 , where we feature the nicest looking AWP skins in all price ranges.

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