Ali Ahmed Akib

Akib grew up playing MOBA titles and currently covering League of Legends related content for GameRiv. He also loves to play games like Apex Legends, Teamfight Tactics, VALORANT, and other single-player titles in his spare time.


Riot reveals some major Marksman, Jungle, Mage, and Tank items change for the 2021 Preseason

Riot shared their goals for champion class item changes in the upcoming 2021 Preseason. Riot Games always tries to...

Lillia is getting some noticeable changes on the PBE

The dreamy jungler Lillia is getting some meaningful changes on the PBE centering on her solo lane strengths. League...

Hextech Ziggs Skin Release Date, Splash Art, and Price

A new Hextech skin featuring Ziggs is one the way into the Summoner's Rift. After Nocturne, Riot Games has...


PsyOps Sona, Vi, Master Yi, Shen, and Ezreal Skin Release Date, Price, and Splash Art

Riot has introduced a brand new PsyOps skin line for Sona, Vi, Master Yi, Shen, and Ezreal. Buckle up...

Will Winter come back in League of Legends Season 10?

Riot Games recently shared their plans for Winter in League of Legends which may disappoint League players once again.

League of Legends: Weekly Skin and Champion Sale List

Riot Games puts sales on multiple champions and skins each week so that League players can grab some of their favorite skins...

Nexus Blitz has already lost 70% of its player base in the second week

Nexus Blitz has just returned in patch 10.15 about two weeks ago and comparing to the first week, it has already lost...

A leak reveals League of Legends 151st champion Samira’s potential look, release date, and abilities

Brazilian streamer Streamie who recently leaked Lillia and Yone has now revealed some more information about League of Legends' 151st champion Samira.

Infinity Ward dev confirms that Warzone’s parachute glitch is getting fixed in mid-season 5 update

Infinity Ward is currently working on fixing the Warzone's parachute glitch and they have confirmed it will be fixed within the mid-season...

Yone has already received a nerf even before his release on PBE

League of Legends 150th champion Yone is about to release on August 5, but apparently it seems like he is already getting...

League player shows how to increase Diana’s Q range

A League of Legends player shared a trick that would increase the range of Diana's Q while flashing sideways.

Riot has patched out Yone from using his empowered E for recalling

A new trick that would allow Yone to get a free recall with his empowered E after getting the herald or baron buff...

Ubisoft has banned over 10,000 cheaters in Hyper Scape already and more bans are incoming

Ubisoft's anti-cheat BattlEye has given Hardware ID and permanent ban to over 10,000 cheaters in Hyper Scape already and more bans are incoming.


Fall Guys Reaches Top 5 Most Played Games On Steam passing GTA V

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout reached the top 5 most played games on steam this Friday by overtaking GTA V.

Both Gla1ve and Xyp9x are registered for ESL Cologne 2020 but won’t be taking part in actual games

Gla1ve and Xyp9x have actually registered for the upcoming CSGO tournament ESL Cologne 2020 which is supposed to start from August 18th....

VALORANT players are now complaining that FFA Deathmatch feels like a “pre-firing practice” range with radar pings

With the patch 1.05, Riot finally introduced the much anticipated FFA Deathmatch mode in VALORANT. The launch of patch...

Riot is reworking Cooldown Reduction to “Ability Haste” in the 2021 Preseason update

Riot is bringing some major items change along with the Cooldown Reduction rework to Ability Haste in the 2021 Preseason update.