More Counter Strike 2 Leaks Lead to Believe CS:GO Source 2 is Just Weeks Away

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Further information on CS:GO Source 2 has been revealed by a popular data miner and leaker. The game looks to be ready to go live at any moment.

Despite the new engine’s availability, CS:GO had been running on the same old Source engine since 2012, whereas Dota integrated Source 2 upon its release. As a result, CS:GO Source 2 has been a highly-anticipated update to the Counter-Strike community for a long time.

However, the long-awaited waiting is most likely ending with all the leaks and rumors coming out from the dark and giving players a new glimmer of light. Only a few days back, we got some crucial information about Counter-Strike 2’s potential launch, and now, more leaks are overflowing the CS community.

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CS:GO 2 Beta Might be Only a Few Weeks Away!

The CS:GO Source 2 leaks started appearing in early July 2022. However, no factual evidence was there to prove it was related to an upcoming CS:GO 2 operations. Nonetheless, a recent article from Richard Lewis set the Counter-Strike community in detective mode.

Moreover, Gabe Follower, a leaker in the CS community, has continuously been sharing Source 2-related leaks, leading everyone to believe CS:GO Source 2 is just weeks away and is ready to go live.

Apparently, Gaben Follower found some code lines from the latest Dota 2 update. But what do these codes mean?

According to Bubfusion‘s comment in the thread, “These are lines from Dota 2 files. Dota 2 is built on the source 2 engine. That means any reference to CSGO within Dota files references the S2 port. There are a lot of them in the newest D2 update which are leaks. We can see some features that are referenced. Means S2 port soon.”

So, are we really getting Counter Strike 2 or CS:GO 2 with the latest Source engine? It seems more likely than ever. Regardless, it is too soon to confirm anything without an official announcement from Valve. Until then, one can only speculate.

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