Counter Strike 2 is Right Around the Corner and is Real

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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The hopium of the Counter Strike community might be real, as recent insights from a reliable source shed light on Counter Strike 2 being released soon.

Since CS: GO‘s release, the game has gone through multiple updates making the game a little better than the previous version. However, the fundamentals of the game and the Source engine remained the same, despite of Source 2 engine’s availability.

Since then, the Counter Strike community has been waiting for the Source 2 engine to be implemented into the game. There were countless instances where it seemed like Source 2 would release very soon, but it never happened.

The hopium for the release of Source 2 has grown to the point that it has become a “meme” anytime there is news or optimism in this regard. Nonetheless, there have been multiple occasions since late 2022 when data miners and leakers have discovered valuable information concerning secret Counter Strike operations that are currently being worked on, giving players new hope. And, this time, it might be for real!

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Counter Strike 2 is “About Ready to Go”

Early in July 2022, data miners discovered that certain maps were being tested on the game using the “S2” code, which stands for Source 2. This discovery set off the major hopium train. Also, CS: GO developers were seen testing those servers within the game.

Many thought that the 10-year anniversary of CS:GO would see the debut of Counter Strike 2. However, that never happened, and things went quiet for some time. And just recently, the hype was once again brought back to life in the community when Valve changed its official CS:GO Twitter banner to only “Counter Strike.”

Nonetheless, Valve played around with the banner similarly in late 2022. Although it had no deep meaning, many noticed this simple change. After that, on March 1, Gabe Follower, a popular leaker in CS:GO community, shared some insights related to the newest NVIDIA driver support for two new executables, “csgos2.exe” and “cs2.exe”

Even if we remove all the rumors, leaks, and speculations from the equations, the news shared by Richard Lewis, a reputable eSports journalist in the community, may convince us that Counter Strike 2 is actually happening.

Richard got some crucial information related to Counter Strike 2 from anonymous sources that have direct link to the game’s development,

“Indeed there was a new version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on its way and that had been worked on for some time. The new version is almost certainly set to be released under the working title Counter-Strike 2 and the tentative release date for the beta is in this month of March with April 1st at the outside.”

According to Richard Lewis, the sources confirmed that Counter Strike 2 would be on Source 2 engine, and the servers would be 128 tick similar to FACEIT and VALORANT. The sources also mentioned that the game is “about ready to go,” and has already been tested by some professional players that were flown out in secret to Valve’s headquarters in Seattle.

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