CS:GO Source 2 Might Not Feature a Constant 128 Tick Rate Servers

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Recent leaks from a reputed data miner revealed that CS:GO Source 2 might not feature the highly-anticipated 128 tick rate servers.

CS:GO Source 2 is a highly anticipated update that the Counter-Strike community has been waiting for ages. Like many other features, such as fluid movement and better visuals, the community expects 128 tick servers from the latest update.

CS:GO’s rival game VALORANT also implements 128 tick rate servers within their matchmaking system, making the gameplay more fluid than official Valve CS:GO servers offering only up to 64 tick rates.

Although playing on 128-tick servers through a third-party platform such as FACEIT or community servers is possible, playing on official servers is much more convenient. So, it is something that players want Valve to release alongside Source 2.

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CS:GO Source 2 Might Introduce a Variable Tick Rate System

Gabe Follower, a popular data miner in the Counter-Strike community, found new information related to the potential CS:GO Source 2 update. According to the leaker, CS:GO Source 2 might not introduce the traditional 128 tick rate servers found in FACEIT or VALORANT.

Instead, the new update will allegedly introduce a new “Tickless/ Subtick System,” which appears to be a variable tick rate system. Meaning the server might not always operate at the maximum tick rate. Instead, the server will only operate at a 128-tick rate when player movement or action is detected.

However, Richard Lewis’s article mentioned that Counter Strike 2 will have 128 tick rate servers, and “this feature would likely be ready at the launch of the beta.” So, it is still unclear how Valve is planning to implement the new tick rate system in CS:GO Source 2. Nonetheless, without experiencing the game firsthand, it can’t be said for certain how good the “Tickless/ Subtick System” will be.

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