Should you Side with Vae Victis or Not in Starfield?

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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The final mission in the United Colonies faction, A Legacy Forger, gives you two options: side with Vae Victis or not.

Starfield gives you an epic adventure across the cosmos. From being a bounty hunter to being a Chef, a 10 to 12-hour story promises you to taste every bit of adventure that can be possible in outer space. Now, if you are focused on the main story, then you should come across a mission called “A Legacy Forger.” Furthermore, the missions have alternative endings, and you need to decide which one to choose.

The main story quest line for the United Colonies faction in Starfield culminates in a tricky moral dilemma: whether to spare or execute the disgraced Admiral Vae Victis. Like with most choices in Starfield, this decision ultimately boils down to your own moral compass. But before standing before the UC Cabinet, you’ll probably want the lowdown on the consequences.

United Colonies faction in Starfield
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To be with Vae Victis Or Not to be

Throughout the UC quest line, you’ve been investigating the use of dangerous Xenoweapons and the real story behind the Londinion disaster. After that tense mission to extract information from the “Hostile Intelligence,” Vae Victis urges you to pin the blame on his now-dead colleague, Reginald Orlase. The final call rests in your hands alone.

No matter your choice with Victis, you’ll still get 100,000 credits and Class One UC Citizenship status. But each option has its own ramifications.

Report to Abello
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Should You Lie for Vae Victis?

If you lie to protect Victis, you’ll need to deceive his clone, Hadrian, and the UC Cabinet. But with the evidence Victis gave them already, framing Orlase, no one will doubt you.

Victis dodges execution again and even offers you more shady jobs hunting down other UC war criminals. A whole new quest line opens up.

What Happens if You Condemn Vae Victis?

Throw Victis under the bus, and you lose access to his exclusive quest line. Return to Subsection 7 later, and you’ll find Victis long gone—likely meeting a grim end.

However, his swanky holding cell is now open for you to explore. You’ll find some interesting data pads with lore revelations inside.

Major Hadrian Sanon saying it was Vae Victis
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Weighing Your Options

I went with protecting Victis to keep those edgy assassination missions open. Since sparing him doesn’t affect the main story, I had nothing to lose.

Moreover, you can bring Victis to justice and do the righteous thing. Despite what side you choose, you’ll become a UC hero. But, your choice will have a huge impact on Victis’ fate.

So what’ll it be—lie to protect the backstabbing Admiral or expose his crimes to the Cabinet? However you decide, saving or condemning Vae Victis makes for an epic culmination of the UC questline!

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