Starfield: All SSNN Quiz Answers

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

As you go inside the SSNN Spaceship, you will be asked a few questions. Giving the answers correct may open up new adventure arenas for you. This guide will show you all SSNN Quiz answers in Starfield.

Starfield is the latest open-world, action RPG where you can discover mysteries and fight against powerful enemies in a space setting. You mainly role-play as a Silent Protagonist and earn skills along the gameplay. Exploring and leveling up by completing quests and challenges may unlock new traits for the player.

Not only that but also different powerful weapons to collect and upgrade. As the story starts, you may interact with various NPCs who may become a friend or foe. However, besides fighting all day, players can experience moons and space stations and visit as many planets in the Milky Way as they want to live the astronomical thrill.

As you visit the space, you may come across some spaceships; some may be important, and some may not be that much. But if the players ever come across the SSNN Sloop, a reporter will bring them inside the spaceship and ask the players 4 part quiz (8 questions) and 2 survey questions. Answering these right or wrong may affect your gameplay.

All SSNN Quiz Answers

First of all, the 4 part questions answers are down below;

1. In what year did the Colony War end?2311
2. Coe’s Day honors Solomon Coe, the founder of what city?Akila City
3. The Red Mile Obstacle Course takes place in what star system?Porrima
4. Neuroamps were created by what company?Ryujin
5. In what year was the Treaty of Nations signed?2216
6. Sanctum Universum is Latin for which of the following?Holy universe
7. The CEC refers to what sports league?Starship Combat
8. The term “spacer” refers to which of the following?The person born in space

Next, there will be two survey questions :

Survey QuestionsPreferred Answers
How often do you watch SSNN?1. I watch it regularly
2. Not very often
3. Rarely
4. Never
In one word, how would you rate our programming overall?1. Good
2. Okay
3. Bad
4. I don’t have an opinion

You can choose any answers in the Survey part, which won’t affect any outcome. But if players have given different kinds of wrong or right answers, the interviewer of the SSNN spaceship will provide different opinions based on the channel’s coverage.

For example, if you didn’t answer correctly in the first 8 questions or maybe gave one or two correct ones, she will say that the channel needs to downplay the coverage system. If you gave all the answers correctly, then the reporter will say that the channel needs to provide brighter coverage to spread the news to the citizens of Starfield.

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