Starfield: How to Persuade Brogan the Pirate

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During Starfield’s first mission, “One Small Step,” the players must face the Crimson Fleet. This guide shows how you can persuade Brogan the Pirate to avoid fighting.

Player freedom is a big focus of Bethesda’s newest RPG, Starfield, and its storyline progresses based on your choices. Thus, your gameplay experience is personalized and unique to you.

The game’s dynamic nature is evident in nearly every mission and interaction, where one small decision on your part can change the lives and futures of the characters involved. After all, you are the main character.

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One Small Step” is the first mission in Starfield. Throughout the mission, the players must perform a few tasks: create their character, choose their background and skills, fight against Crimson Fleet pirates, and eventually start their journey to join the Constellation. Furthermore, it serves as an introduction to the game’s main mechanics, including Speech and Persuasion.

This guide focuses on how to persuade Brogan the Pirate. Thus, finding peace in one of your first potentially violent encounters in the game.

How to Find Brogan the Pirate

After meeting Barrett and holding off the Crimson Fleet Pirates, you will be tasked with taking the Artifact you found to the Constellation. Barrett, believing you are someone special, will lend you his ship, the Frontier, along with his robot companion Vasco. You will be advised to reach Jemison directly in Alpha Centauri without any diversion.

However, to avoid further attacks from the Crimson Fleet Pirates, Vasco will advise you to take care of the Crimson Fleet captain first. You will then have to fly to Kreet and meet with Brogan, a captain of the Crimson Fleet.

How to Persuade Brogan the Pirate

brogan persuasion dialogue choices
Credits: Bethesda Game Studios

Once you land in Kreet, you must fight some Crimson Fleet Members before you meet Brogan the Pirate. During your conversation, you can Persuade Brogan to leave you alone.

Successfully persuading him will make him non hostile, and you will earn 10 XP. So, you can peacefully leave Kreet without worrying about the Crimson Fleet pirates attacking your ship. Players with Diplomat, Industrialist, or Space Scoundrel backgrounds are likely to succeed because of their background’s Persuasion skills.

To persuade Brogan, you must select some correct consecutive dialogue choices. However, there are no guaranteed choices to persuade any character in Starfield. If you are playing it smart, you will most likely be successful.

We have gone with the following dialogue choices and successfully persuaded Brogan:

  • [Persuade] There’s no treasure in my ship. Cut your losses before more people get hurt.
  • [+1] You have it wrong. Constellation is an explorer’s group. They aren’t treasure hunters. (Failed)
  • [+1] The ship doesn’t have anything on it. You are chasing a fairy tale.
  • [+1] Look, you can come aboard the Frontier right now. See for yourself. There’s nothing on it.
  • [+5] I just made it past your entire crew. You really want to try your luck against me?

You will be given three chances to persuade Brogan and will have to get 4 persuasion points before he is convinced. The +1 dialogue choices will increase the persuasion point by 1 every time it’s successful; the +2, +3 or +5 will increase it by two, three and five points, respectively.

It’s safer to choose the green [+1] choices because they are more likely to work than the others. The more persuasion points a dialogue can provide, the more it has a risk of failing. Brogan will attack you if you fail to choose the correct dialogue three times. You will then have to take him down, along with the other Crimson Fleet pirates, to escape from Kreet.

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