Starfield: Top 5 Best Rifles in The Game

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Rifles are the best ways to fight any enemies, in any range. So, we will look at the best rifles in Starfield.

Starfield is all about exploring the vast cosmic universe. You will roam around this gigantic world, which will bring out the best space adventurer in you in no time. However, If you don’t want to die in this unforgiving environment, you need to have a good set of weapons in your arsenal.

Therefore, when exploring the infinite universe in Starfield, having a trusty rifle by your side is a must. With danger around every corner, you’ll want a rifle that can pack a punch at long range. In this article, we’ll cover the best rifles in Starfield that you can get your hands on.

Top 5 Best Rifles in Starfield

5. Eternity’s Gate: A Particle Beam Powerhouse

Eternity's Gate (Rifle in Starfield)

The legendary Eternity’s Gate particle beam rifle is a versatile heavy hitter. It packs plasma and energy damage together for a punch. Skip Shot and Handloading mods make Eternity’s Gate unpredictable in battle.

The rifle has excellent range at 60 meters and strong 81.6% accuracy. Its generous 20-round mag allows measured shots of its particle beam. With a 25-fire rate, you can take precise, aimed shots or rapid fire as needed.

Eternity’s Gate is particularly devastating to human enemies thanks to its Anti-Personnel effect. The Long Barrel mod extends its reach even further. This well-rounded particle rifle will serve you well across the battlefields of Starfield.

4. Unmitigated Violence – A Trick Laser Rifle

Unmitigated Violence (Rifle in Starfield)

The legendary Unmitigated Violence laser rifle is versatile and deadly. It packs impressive mods like a long barrel for range and Stealth Lasers for covert attacks. Unmitigated Violence fires searing laser beams that deal 125 energy damage per shot.

Its modest 50-round magazine and 33-round fire rate give you flexibility in firing fast follow-up shots or measured, aimed fire. With a range of 52 meters and 77% accuracy, you can precisely melt enemies from a distance. The Recon Sight and Reflex Sight mods let you tailor the scope to your needs.

Random radioactive and frenzy effects add unpredictability to Unmitigated Violence’s attacks. Enemies will be kept off balance as you bombard them from long range with this tricked-out laser rifle.

3. Revenant – A Powerhouse Rifle

Revenant (Rifle in Starfield)

The legendary Revenant rifle is a powerhouse that dominates at long range. It fires heavily. 50-caliber magnetically driven rounds with a massive 150-round magazine capacity. This allows you to sustain continuous fire for longer periods.

With a blazing 330 fire rate, the Revenant spits out rounds at an incredible pace. Each shot deals high physical damage out to 57 meters thanks to the rifle’s long range and excellent 69.8% accuracy. Several mods, like the High-Velocity Barrel, maximize its damage potential.

The Revenant’s lightweight build and recoil-dampening muzzle brake keep it easy to control during rapid fire. With the ability to mow down groups of enemies in seconds, the Revenant cements its place among the best rifles in Starfield.

2. Hard Target – The Sniper Specialist

Hard Target (Rifle in Starfield)

When you need to reach out and touch someone from an extreme range, turn to the Hard Target sniper rifle. As a dedicated long-range weapon, it boasts an astounding 100-meter range to take out foes before they ever see you coming.

The Hard Target hits brutally hard with each shot, dealing 150 points of ballistic damage courtesy of its heavy .50 caliber rounds. It also offers a solid degree of customization, with seven mod slots to tailor the rifle to your preferences. Attach a high-magnification scope and silencer to enhance its role as the ultimate stealth sniper.

With practice, you can land devastating, critical headshots thanks to the Hard Target’s pinpoint accuracy. Just be prepared to reload frequently with its small 5-round magazine capacity. However, with proper positioning, you can end most fights with a single, well-placed shot from concealment.

1. Beowulf – The Best Overall Rifle

Beowulf (Best Rifle in Starfield)

Without a doubt, the Beowulf stands above the rest as the number one rifle in Starfield. This semi-automatic rifle comes in several variants, but the Legendary Beowulf truly shines as the cream of the crop.

The Legendary Beowulf boasts an outstanding combination of accuracy, damage, and clip size that makes it versatile for all situations. It fires 7.77–37 mm caseless rounds that deliver a whopping 36 points of physical damage per shot. With its excellent 69.1% accuracy rating, those shots will hit the mark more often than not.

You can sustain fire longer thanks to its generous 30-round magazine size. Despite its power, the Legendary Beowulf remains easy to handle with a reasonable weight of just 2.00 mass units and a fast 50 fire rate. Whether you need to pick off enemies at long range or mow down a close threat, the Legendary Beowulf will quickly become your favorite companion.

The Beowulf and Hard Target represent the pinnacle of rifle performance in Starfield. Other rifles are good too. Whether you prefer rapid firepower up close or distant one-shot kills, these rifles have you covered. Customize them with mods and skills to maximize their damage output. Soon you’ll be ruling the battlefields of Starfield with these trusty firearms by your side.

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