How to Unlock Planets in Starfield

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield is full of planets for the players to explore. Here, we will discuss how you can unlock them in the game.

Starfield gives players a spaceship and a whole universe to explore. You can hop from galaxy to galaxy and land on pretty much every planet. Planets are not the only thing you will find during your travels through the universe. You will also find different space stations and other spaceships that are exploring and traveling around the same area as you.

Planet exploration is one of the main focuses of the game. You will land on many planets during your playthrough of the game. Each planet has its own ecology, and some of the planets even have humans living on them. Unlocking different planets is also pretty easy. Here, we have discussed in depth how you can travel to and unlock different planets in the game.

Unlocking Planets in Starfield

Starfield has a vast universe for the players to explore. The universe of Starfield contains over 1,000 planets, some hand-made by the developers and others procedurally generated. The distance between each planet is a lot, so you will need to use the grave jump or fast travel to reach the planet.

Unlocking planets is as easy as landing on them. Target which planet you want to unlock either by going to the map and selecting it, or if the planet is in the same solar system, press the lock button (E for PC) to change and lock onto the planet. Then you can power up your drive if the planet is too far away to reach it. But if the planet is right in front of you, it will give you the option to press R and land on it.

Land on the planet to have it added to the map as a fast travel distance. While on the planet, you can also survey the land and its creatures.

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