Starfield: Side With The Hunter or The Emissary?

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Here’s the answer if you are wondering whether to side with the hunter or the emissary.

Bethesda Games’ newest space exploration RPG, Starfield, brings a lot for the space exploration games fan. It features a massive world with thousands of activities and choices the players can make. Every space exploration and RPG fan has been hoping for a game like this, and the developers have indeed delivered up to the expectations.

Starfield tells a story that progresses based on players’ choices throughout the game. At the end of the story, the players must make a crucial choice between siding with The Hunter or The Emissary during the Revelation quest. Both of these Starborn are different from each other and deal with things differently. In case you are wondering which side you should choose, this guide is here to help.

Side With The Hunter or The Emissary?

After completing the Unearthed mission, the players will meet The Hunter and The Emissary. During this part, they will have to choose a side. Choosing one side will automatically mean that the players will become an enemy of the other. This choice will affect how the ending rolls out for the players.

Side With The Hunter

If you side with the hunter, the emissary will automatically be your enemy for the last mission while the hunters accompany you. This will trigger the evil ending of the game The Hunters think The Unity should be available for everyone if they can use it. You must also kill or persuade Keeper Aquilus before the final mission. During your final mission, you can persuade the emissary to step away, but doing this will not reward you with a gun. Killing the emissary will reward you with the gun Eternity’s Gate.

Side With The Emissary

The Emissary has a different view than the Hunters. According to them, Unity should be safeguarded from those unworthy. If you side with the emissary, the hunter will be the enemy of your last mission in Starfield, while the emissary becomes your active companion. Siding with the Emissary will trigger a good ending to your game. You will also get the chance to persuade or kill the hunter. Killing the hunter will reward you with the gun Unmitigated Violence.

Fight Both

You can also decide to side with either of them. But this will bring a tough ending and fight. You will have to take both of them down. If you manage to kill both the hunter and the emissary, you will get both Eternity’s Gate and the Unmitigated Violence gun.

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