Starfield: United Colonies Guide – Missions, Locations, and How to Join

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The United Colonies is one of the main five factions you get to join in the world of Starfield. Here is all you need to know if you want to join them.

Bethesda’s latest RPG, Starfield takes you out to an intergalactic adventure full of things to do and stories to experience. Starfield allows you to join one or many of the main factions present in its universe. Such a faction is the United Colonies.

The United Colonies is the biggest political and military faction in charge of the Settled Systems. United Colonies represents “the future of space republic idealized.” They aim to attain and maintain peace and stability through their political and military powers.

Moreover, they are also one of the two interstellar governments in the Settled Systems, controlling star systems Alpha Centauri, Sol, and Wolf. Although they have tried to extend their territory, conflicts with the Freestar Collective have prevented them from doing so.

The United Colonies Location

Starfield United Colonies Location

The United Colonies headquarters is in the city of New Atlantis, located on the planet Jemison, in the Alpha Centauri solar system. They live in harmony with another one of the main five factions, Constellation.

How to Join the United Colonies

Starfield United Colonies HQ

You can start your adventure with the United Colonies fairly early on in the game. Once you finish a handful of missions with the Constellation, you will get an activity telling you to go to the MAST headquarters in New Atlantis, Jemison. There, Sarah Morgan will take you to meet John Tuala, a recruiter for the UC Vanguard. Tuala will ask you whether you want to join the Civilian Fleet of the United Colonies, known as the UC Vanguard.

Once you decide to join the UC Vanguard, you will be taken to the Vanguard Orientation Hall to sign a contract. After that, you will have to prove your worth by doing a few introductory and probationary missions. After doing well and receiving the test results from Tuala, you will have to swear an oath to finally become a member of the UC Vanguard and begin your UC quests from there.

List of United Colonies Missions/Quests

Here is a list of all the missions you will have to complete under the United Colonies.

  • Supra Et Ultra: Your first mission for the UC Vanguard Faction, which serves as your orientation. You have to prove yourself by acing a flight simulator test.
  • Grunt Work: You are tasked with killing a deadly Terrormorph that is running wild in the production center.
  • Delivering Devils: Here you need to deliver a sample to Dr. Percival Walker. Although, the difficult part here is to find Dr. Percival Walker as you will have to navigate yourself from one location to another.
  • Eyewitness: You will have to deal with three Terrormorphs that have invaded the New Atlantis Spaceport.
  • Friends Like These: You are tasked with the objective of convincing and getting Freestar Collective’s permission to gain access to the Terrormorph data archive.
  • The Devils You Know: You are faced with a decision to either destroy The Warlock, Dr. Orlase’s ship, or capture Dr. Orlase alive after being ambushed by him.
  • War Relics: You are tasked with finding a robot called Kaiser. But only a person named Gel knows the robot’s whereabouts.
  • Hostile Intelligence: You are tasked with gathering the necessary resources from Londinion to help build a microbe that can put an end to Terrormorphs.
  • A Legacy Forged: The final mission for UC Vanguard requires you to make a decision on how to eliminate the Terrormorphs.

United Colonies Members

Starfield United Colonies Members

Here is a list of named members that you’ll find and meet during your quests with the United Colonies.

  • Alexandra Abello (President)
  • Pascual Logan (Fleet Admiral), UC Navy
  • Kibwe Ikande (Commander), UC SysDef
  • John Tuala (Commander), UC Vanguard
  • Glen Hurst (Governor) of Cydonia
  • Vincent Woodard (Commander), Cydonia Security Chief
  • Sergeant Yumi
  • Agent Plato

United Colonies Mission Completion Rewards

The list of rewards you will earn for completing the United Colonies quests are given below.

Quest NameRewards
Supra Et Ultra– 275 XP
– 4800 Credits
Grunt Work– 250 XP
– 4800 Credits
– UC Vanguard Pilot Pack
– UC Vanguard Spacesuit
– UC Vanguard Space Helmet
Delivering Devils– 250 XP
– 9300 Credits
Eyewitness– 350 XP
– 12000 Credits
Friends Like These– 350 XP
– 12000 Credits
The Devils You Know– 150 XP
– 3800 Credits
War Relics– 9000 Credits
Hostile Intelligence– 350 XP
– 12000 Credits
A Legacy Forged– 350 XP
– 15600 Credits
United Colonies Mission Completion Reward list

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