Starfield: All Pharmacology Research Projects

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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The most important research project in Starfield is Pharmacology. Here’s everything on all Pharmacology Research Projects in Starfield.

Braving the vast, unknown reaches of space is a hazardous endeavor in Starfield. Having the right pharmaceutical provisions in your inventory could mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

In Starfield, researching and crafting advanced medications and performance enhancers through Pharmacology Research Projects could save your hide. With three project categoriesMedical Treatment, Performance Enhancement, and Innovative Synthesis – you can unlock recipes for a variety of aid items at specialized labs.

Pharmacology Research Projects are projects for beneficial medical and performance aid items. From trauma kits and stimulant injectors to alien artifact hearts with uncharted effects, the items are boundless. Whether you need a quick heal mid-firefight or a long-term physical boost for exploration, the aid items unlocked will serve you well on your journey through the Settled Systems. This guide tell you everything that you need to know about, Pharmacology Research Projects in Starfield.

All Pharmacology Research Projects in Starfield

Medical Treatment

Research ProjectRequired ResourcesRequired SkillUnlocks
Medical Treatment 1• Antimicrobial x3
• Aluminum x2
• Amino Acids x2
• None• Antibiotic Paste
• Infused Bandages
Medical Treatment 2• Antimicrobial x4
• Heart+ x2
• Amino Acids x4
• Battlestim x2
• Analgesic x4
• Chemistry (Rank 1)• Analgesic Poultice
• Boudicca
Medical Treatment 3• Antibiotics x4
• Metabolic Agent x8
• Sealant x4
• Sedative x4
• Chemistry (Rank 2)• Antibiotic Injector
• Repairing Immobilizer
Medical Treatment 4• Heart+ x4
• Trauma Pack x4
• Membrane x8
• Immunostimulant x2
• Chemistry (Rank 3)• Junk Flush
• Panacea

Performance Enhancement

Research ProjectRequired ResourcesRequired SkillUnlocks
Performance Enhancement 1• Argon x2
• Tetrafluorides x2
• Metabolic Agent x3
• None• Amp
• Red Trench
Performance Enhancement 2• Infantry Alpha x2
• Carboxylic Acids x4
• Solvent x4
• Membrane x2
• Hippolyta x2
• Chemistry (Rank 1)• Panopticon
• Paramour
Performance Enhancement 3• Ionic Liquids x4
• Synapse Alpha x2
• Toxin x4
• Stimulant x4
• Squall x2
• Chemistry (Rank 2)• Neurajack
• Whiteout
Performance Enhancement 4• Aurora x4
• Whiteout x3
• CQB-X x4
• Stimulant x8
• Squall x4
• Chemistry (Rank 3)• Frostwolf

Innovative Synthesis

Research ProjectRequired ResourcesRequired SkillUnlocks
Innovative Synthesis 1• Tetrafluorides x2
• Alien Genetic Material x1
• Mercury x4
• Carboxylic Acids x2
• Solvent x2
• Chemistry (Rank 3)
• Special Projects (Rank 1)
• Dwarf Star Heart
• Black Hole Heart
Innovative Synthesis 2• Dwarf Star Heart x2
• Carboxylic Acids x4
• Solvent x2
• Alien Genetic Material x2
• Aurora x2
• Chemistry (Rank 3)
• Special Projects (Rank 1)
• Subgiant Heart
• Giant Heart
Innovative Synthesis 3• Solvent x4
• Ionic Liquids x3
• Alien Genetic Material x4
• Black Hole Heart x2
• Subgiant Heart x2
• Carboxylic Acids x4
• Chemistry (Rank 3)
• Special Projects (Rank 1)
• Hypergiant Heart
• Supermassive Heart

How to Unlock Pharmacology Research Projects?

Pharmacology Research Projects in Starfield must be unlocked sequentially within each category. The first tier in Medical Treatment, Performance Enhancement, and Innovative Synthesis is available from the start.

To unlock higher tiers, you must first complete the prerequisite projects in that specific tree. For example, finishing Medical Treatment 1 will grant access to Medical Treatment 2.

The higher the tier, the more rare resources and higher chemistry skill ranks needed to research the formulas for more advanced aid items. Planning ahead and methodically working through each tier is the key to unlocking the most potent pharmaceutical provisions.

How to Complete Pharmacology Research Projects?

Follow these steps to complete Pharmacology Research Projects in Starfield:

Research Lab in Starfield
Credit: Starfield
  • Locate a Research Lab in your ship, an outpost, or a settlement.
  • Access the terminal and select the “Pharmacology” category.
  • Choose a project to work on and review the required resources and skills.
  • Gather the necessary resources through mining, collecting, purchasing, etc.
  • Level up your Chemistry skill to the required rank by crafting aid items.
  • Return to the Research Lab and select the project. Contribute resources to start research.
  • Optionally assign crew members to speed up the research time.
  • When the project timer completes, new aid recipes will unlock at Pharmaceutical Labs.
  • Craft the new aid items using required ingredients to utilize their benefits!
  • Unlock higher tiers by first finishing previous projects in that branch.

By completing Pharmacology Research Projects in Starfield, you will unlock items that will help you throughout the game.

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