How You Can Get More Crew Slots In Starfield

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Getting more crew for your spaceship is always beneficial for the captain. Here is how you can add more crew slots to your ship.

Starfield has a massive universe for the players to explore. And to explore the whole universe, you are given a ship capable of jumping from galaxy to galaxy. While the starting ship is nothing special, it will be enough for the early missions of the game. However, you will need to find or buy a better ship as you progress through the game.

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But ships are not the only thing you need to worry about. As you will also have to get some crews for your ship to take the most advantage of it. Moreover, the crew’s skills are very helpful in controlling and even fighting with a spaceship. Having more crew can significantly increase the damage of your different weapons or help you control the ship better. So here we have discussed how you can increase your crew slots to add more crew to the ship.

Crew Slots in Starfield

Having a good crew will help the player use the ship more effectively because the crew’s skills will directly transfer to the player when you control the ship. So having a wide range of highly skilled crew members is one of the more important tasks for the player as the captain of your spaceship.

Getting Extra Crew Slots for Ships

To start, spaceships usually have two crew members. But you can increase the slots in any spaceport where you can customize your ship.

Starfield how to add more crew members

Enter Shipbuilder mode in any spaceport. There, the crew slots are tied to a ship’s many crew stations. Crew stations are found in two places: the cockpit and the habs. Either replace the cockpit with one that has more crew stations or add extra habs to increase crew slots on your ship. You can have a maximum of eight crew members on a ship.

Upgrading the Ship Command Skill

Ship Command Skill in Starfield

One last thing you need to check off your list is the Ship Command Skill. Because the Ship Comamnd Skill upgrade is necessary to assign more crew to your ship. As this skill determines how many crew you can command on your ship. So, even if you have more than 4 slots in your ship, you cannot add a 5th crew member unless you level up ship command skill.

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