Starfield: All Weapons & How To Get Them

Muhibul Alam Chowdhury
By Muhibul Alam Chowdhury
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Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Here’s a complete breakdown of Starfield’s firearm and melee weapons and how to get them.

Starfield is filled with content, from its detailed planets to its story; there is no shortage of things to do in Bethesda’s sci-fi epic. This extends to its combat, where you can use various weapons to take on pirates, bandits, and monsters.

Weapons are important no matter how you want to spend your time in the Settled Systems. Whether completing side quests or experiencing the main story, you will find that many people in the universe love shooting at you, so you will want something to fire back with.

This guide aims to inform you about all the weapons you can come across and how to add them to your arsenal.

List of All Weapons in Starfield

Starfield has 11 ranged weapon types categorized by class of weapon, such as rifles, and damage type, such as ballistic. There are also melee weapons and explosives.

Below is a list of all weapons with their stats, including damage, ammo, fire rate, range, mod slots, etc.


Ballistic Pistols

Weapon NameDamageAmmoMAGFire RateRangeAccuracyMassMod SlotsValue
Ecliptic PistolPHYS 3511MM XPL10252065.3%1.00045
EonPHYS 107.77MM12502067.5%0.556750
Calibrated EonPHYS 217.77MM12502067.5%0.5562437
KrakenPHYS 36.5MM251502069.6%1.006748
MagshotPHYS 53.43 MI6252062.8%2.00611380
RattlerPHYS 10.27 CALIBER12502068.1%0.857942
Calibrated RattlerPHYS 17.27 CALIBER12502068.1%0.8571530
RazorbackPHYS 517.5MM6124067.1%2.385300
RegulatorPhys 35.43 ULTRAMAG8182071.3%0.7074450
Advanced RegulatorPHYS 100.43 ULTRAMAG8182071.3%0.70711124
SidestarPHYS 12.27 CALIBER17402067.9%0.657825
Urban EaglePHYS 39.43 ULTRAMAG7252067.7%1.7574800
Starfield Ballistic Pistols List

Laser Pistols

Weapon NameDamageAmmoMAGFire RateRange AccuracyMassMod Slots Value
SolsticeENGY 101.5kV LZR16
Calibrated SolsticeENGY 181.5kV LZR16253069.3%1.3072485
EmberENGY 121.5kV LZR16252473.6%2.9072735
Starfield laser Pistols List

Particle Beam Pistols

Weapon NameDamageAmmoMAGFire RateRangeAccuracyMassMod SlotsValue
NovalightPHYS 8
LIGHT FUSE12223068.6%1.3574620
Va’Ruun StarshardPHYS 26
LIGHT FUSE12123070.1%1718250
Starfield Particle bEam Pistols List


Ballistic Rifles

Weapon NameDamageAmmoMAGFire RateRangeAccuracyMassMod SlotsValue
AA-99PHYS 1711MM301124065.7%3.0087865
BeowulfPHYS 367.77MM30504069.1%2.8084850
Drum BeatPHYS 811MM601603965.6%4.374922
GrendelPHYS 37.77MM501702066.2%2.6581402
Calibrated GrendelPHYS 57.77MM501702066.2%2.6581720
Advanced GrendelPHYS 137.77MM501702066.2%2.6586501
Hard TargetPHYS 116.50 CALIBER52510074.2%9.15720510
KodamaPHYS 137.77MM301702065.7%2.2575632
LawgiverPHYS 31.50 CALIBER6104068%3.662395
MaelstromPHYS 46.5MM401504065.8%4.1571210
MagpulsePHYS 716.5MM MI20174058.6%3.70513560
MagshearPHYS 10.50 MI753004065.5%3.90517721
MagsniperPHYS 2236.5MM MI121710086.1%9.55627790
Old Earth Assault RiflePHYS 157.62MM301504064.7%3.5710582
Old Earth Hunting RiflePHYS 309X39MM204010086.8%3.1535264
TombstonePHYS 1911MM20904072.8%4.1566150
Starfield Ballistic rifles List

Laser Rifles

Weapon NameDamageAmmoMAGFire RateRangeAccuracyMassMod SlotsValue
EquinoxENGY 133KV LZR20505070.2%3.272408
OrionENGY 273KV LZR35335077%5.2575227
Starfield laser rifles List

Particle Beam Rifles

Weapon NameDamageAmmoMagFire RateRangeAccuracyMassMod SlotsValue
Va’Ruun InflictorPHYS 38
ENGY 113
HEAVY FUSE20255070%3.75622500
Starfield Particle beam rifles List

Electromagnetic Rifles

Weapon NameDamageAmmoMAGFire RateRangeAccuracyMassMod SlotsValue
Novablast DisruptorEM 100HEAVY FUSE5202070.2%2.7055700
Starfield ELectromagnetic rifles List


Ballistic Shotguns

Weapon NameDamageAmmoMAGFire RateRangeAccuracyMassMod SlotsValue
BreachPHYS 9915X257102055.3%7.386780
CoachmanPHYS 52CASELESS SHELL2472038.4%3.0071650
Advanced CoachmanPHYS 200CASELESS SHELL2472038.4%3.0077425
Old Earth ShotgunPHYS 7312G SHELL662056.3%3.6052870
PacifierPHYS 5915X25 CLL SHELL9202045%2.7564590
ShottyPHYS 50CASELESS SHELL12602035.2%2.9587368
Starfield Ballistic shotguns List

Particle Beam Shotguns

Weapon NameDamageAmmoMAGFire RateRangeAccuracyMassMod SlotsValue
Big BangPHYS 32
HEAVY FUSE8142054.7%7712870
Starfield particle beam shotguns List

Heavy Weapons

Ballistic Heavy Weapons

Weapon NameDamageAmmoMAGFire RateRangeAccuracyMassMod SlotsValue
Auto-RivetPHYS 100RIVET10152063.1%4.547640
BridgerPHYS 12740MM XPL454063.4%5.568190
MagstormPHYS 9.50 MI1604004050.5%12219129
MicrogunPHYS 97.77MM3203504047.2%11.4613519
Starfield Ballistic heavy weapons List

Energy Heavy Weapons

Weapon NameDamageAmmoMAGFire RateRangeAccuracyMassMod SlotsValue
Arc WelderENGY 173KV LZR100762045.6%4.222450
CutterENGY 4Cutter76376.7%40475
Starfield energy heavy weapons List

Melee Weapons

Weapon NameDamageMassValue
Barrow KnifePHYS 220.341220
Combat KnifePHYS 160.36505
Osmium DaggerPHYS 282.72395
Rescue AxePHYS 171.4650
RipshankPHYS 120.4365
TantoPHYS 400.453075
UC Naval CutlassPHYS 201.4935
Va’Ruun PainbladePHYS 621.811260
WakizashiPHYS 491.356140
Starfield melee weapons List


Ballistic Explosives

Weapon Name DamageMassValue
Frag GrenadePHYS 1010.2350
Fragmentation MinePHYS 1010.3415
Shrapnel GrenadePHYS 510.3450
Starfield Ballistic explosives List

Energy Explosives

Weapon NameDamageMassValue
Cryo MinePHYS 1
Inferno MinePHYS 1
Tesla PylonPHYS 1
Starfield energy explosives List

How to Get Weapons in Starfield

Throughout your journey in the Settled Systems, you’ll encounter many weapons; some are new, while others are variants of existing archetypes. You can primarily find them by looting humanoid enemies, exploring points of interest, searching crates, etc.

Moreover, you can also buy weapons from shops. Furthermore, the weapons collected from drops have randomized stats that vary, but there are unique weapons you can get as rewards for finishing various quests.

Additionally, you can also buy unique weapons from vendors. However, you must ensure not to hoard weapons so you don’t get encumbered.

Muhibul Alam Chowdhury is a Guide writer at GameRiv.