How To Enable DLSS in Starfield

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By Abu Bakar Karim Muhibul Alam Chowdhury
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Learn how to enable DLSS in Starfield.

Devs of Starfield have made an interesting choice for the PC version when it comes to supersampling technology. According to reports, Starfield only uses the second version of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), in contrast to most games using Nvidia’s famous Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS).

This was intended since AMD and Bethesda have an exclusive partnership that makes AMD the “exclusive PC partner for Starfield.”

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However, the modding community (God Blesseth thy souls) has come up with a solution that is super handy for both Nvidia and Intel users with supported GPUs. As a result, the DLSS is again available for Nvidia and Intel users to get the best performance from Starfield.

Without further ado, let’s jump into how you can enable DLSS in Starfield.

Starfield DLSS Mod

The much-needed mod from PureDark improves Starfield’s optimization by adding DLSS support. This is now available on Intel GPUs, RTX cards, and XeSS technology. Furthermore, the mod also adds a ReShade CAS effect to keep pictures sharp since DLSS doesn’t have a built-in sharpener. By adding more ReShade options, players can change how they play.

However, this speed boost relies on what your GPU can do, but players can use the DLSS pipeline for better anti-aliasing or choose DLAA for a small speed boost.

How to Install DLSS Mod

Not holding you much longer. Follow the steps below:

  • Download the DLSS Mod.
  • Then extract and copy the files into Starfield’s default installation path.
  • Next, download the dependency plugin.
  • Now, copy the extracted folder, UpscalerBasePlugin, into Starfield/mod path.
  • Next, download NVIDIA DLSS DLL. Unzip the file and copy nvngx_dlss_3.5.0 into both Starfield and Starfield/mod/UpscalerBasePlugin path.

How to Enable DLSS Mod

  • First of all, launch Starfield.
  • At the main menu, press the END Key. It will bring out the Starfield Upscaler Menu.
  • Ensure that “Enable” is ticked, and that the “Upscale Type” is set to your GPU (DLSS for Nvidia users, and XeSS for Intel users).
  • Go to Settings and head to Display
  • Enable FSR2.

Now, you can play Starfield with your PC’s full capabilities.

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