Who are the Deadliest Assault Legends of Apex in Season 19?

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In this article, we’ll go through every Assault character in Apex Legends for Season 19 and rank them from worst to best.

Apex Legends, which entered the battle royale gaming genre as a dark horse in 2019, surprised everyone with its extraordinary gameplay and features. Everyone was astonished by Respawn’s flawless implementation of the hero shooter idea into a battle royale environment, and the game became very popular very quickly.

Upon the game’s initial release, it only had 8 legends. Starting with Season 1, Respawn has added a bunch of new characters to Apex Legends. Every season except for Seasons 16 and 18 saw the debut of a new character with special abilities.

Right now, there are 25 unique Legends in the game. Conduit was the last character to secure a spot on the Apex Legends roster. Every Legend in the game has different abilities and roles. Similarly, they have different roles to fulfill. The same rule applies to Assault Legends.

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What is Assault Class Legends?

Although the game started with four classes: Assault, Recon, Support, and Defense, Respawn figured it was almost impossible to fit all the characters into these four groups. So, in Season 16, Apex Legends underwent a massive class rework across all Legend categories.

Assault Legends are mobile armories, armed to the teeth and ready for battle. Their core patterns revolve around using their abilities to force opponents to make combat decisions that play to their advantage, opening them up for an assault.

Assault Legends are always prepared for a fight, can gear up quickly from the hidden compartments of Weapon Supply Bins, and stock more ammunition than other Legends, giving them extra space for other items—often grenades.

How Many Assault Legends are there in Apex Legends?

Currently, in Season 19, there are 5 Assault Legends in the game. They are Bangalore, Fuse, Ash, Mad Maggie, and Ballistic. Aside from the common Assault perk, each Assault Legend has its own set of abilities.

Note: Revenant was an Assault Legend up to Season 17. However, due to the Revenant Reborn rework, he was made a Skirmisher Legend in Season 18.

Best Assault Legends Ranked

In this section, we’ll rank every Assault Legend from worst to best. We’ll put these characters in order based on how popular and useful they are in the current meta of the Battle Royale environment.

5. Ash

Credit: EA

Ash was the new addition to the game in season 11 of Apex Legends. Even though she made her first appearance in Apex Legends back in season 5 with the broken ghost quest, fans of the Titanfall franchise knew her from the old Titanfall 2 days.

Unsurprisingly, all of her kits are inspired by her Ronin titan. Her tactical ability allows her to control an area, while her ultimate ability, like Wraith’s, creates a one-way portal. Her abilities combined have made her versatile and a nightmare to deal with in the current meta.

Also, her passive mark for death that provides the location of nearby players via the death box is just icing on the cake. In short, she is in a pretty good state right now in season 19.

4. Fuse


Fuse is a decent character in Season 19. However, thanks to his abilities: Knuckle Cluster, and motherload, he specializes mostly in long-to-midrange fights. Fuse can also carry an extra grenade, thermite, or arc star with his Grenadier ability. Combined with all his abilities, this character can wreak havoc on his opponents.

Nonetheless, while out of grenades or fighting close-range fights, Fuse doesn’t deliver much value to his team. As a result, he is not the best pick among all the Assault Legends on the list.

3. Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie
Credit: EA

Mad Maggie is a very powerful character in Season 19. Due to the Legend-class overhaul and Horizon nerf, Mad Maggie became more viable as the aggressive character in team composition.

For starters, Mad Maggie’s Riot Drill is very useful in dealing damage to enemies behind any wall or gate. On top of that, it makes them leave their cover, making it easier to hit them. Also, for 0.8 seconds, Mad Maggie’s Warlord’s Ire ability lets her see the silhouettes of damaged enemies through walls and other obstacles.

Mad Maggie’s Ultimate: Wrecking Ball is one of a kind. When released, the ball bounces off floors, ceilings, and walls. The boosting pads left from the Wrecking Ball let everyone move fast. So, the Ultimate can be used to stun and push enemies simultaneously.

2. Ballistic

Credit: EA

Ballistic is the newest addition to Apex Legends’ Assault class roster. All three of Ballistic’s abilities: Whistler, Sling, and Tempest, perfectly complement an Assault Legend. More importantly, Ballistic’s Ultimate: Tempest buffs everyone’s reloading and movement speed, helping to win almost every fight against a team.

1. Bangalore

Credit: EA

Bangalore has one of the most balanced kits in the arena. Her kit is neither overpowered nor basic. However, Bangalore remained the most picked Legend of the ALGS 2023 Championship and the second most picked Legend in the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs, proving why she’s the best Assault Legend in the game right now.

Bangalore is valuable because her abilities can benefit both her and her teammates. Using the Smoke Launcher, she can create a smokescreen that can be used for so many combat situations. When combined with a digital threat, the smokescreen can be a nightmare for the enemies.

Bangalore’s Ultimate: Rolling Thunder is one of the most powerful abilities in the game. When the Ultimate is activated, tons of artillery shells rain down from the sky, leaving enemies with nowhere to hide. Her Passive: Double Time is also useful as it lets Bangalore sprint faster while taking fire, making it easier for her to run away from third parties.

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Final Verdict

Every character has unique and useful abilities in Apex Legends. If utilized properly, any Legend can lead you to a foolproof win. However, some Legends are always preferred over others for particular maps, game modes, and situations. This list is based on the Legend’s abilities and how well they fit in the current meta. So try them out and see what works best for you.

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