Who are the Most Gruesome Controller Legends of Apex in Season 19?

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In this article, we’ll go through every Controller character in Apex Legends for Season 19 and rank them from worst to best.

Apex Legends, which entered the battle royale gaming genre as a dark horse in 2019, surprised everyone with its extraordinary gameplay and features. Everyone was astonished by Respawn’s flawless implementation of the hero shooter idea into a battle royale environment, and the game became very popular very quickly.

Upon the game’s initial release, it only had 8 legends. Starting with Season 1, Respawn has added a bunch of new characters to Apex Legends. Every season except for Season 16 saw the debut of a new character with special abilities.

Right now, there are 24 unique Legends in the game. Ballistic was the last character to take a spot on the Apex Legends roster. Every Legend in the game has different abilities and roles. Similarly, they have different roles to fulfill. The same applies to Controller Legends.

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Controller Class Legends

Although the game started with four classes: Assault, Recon, Support, and Defense, Respawn figured it was almost impossible to fit all the characters into these four groups. So, in Season 17, Apex Legends underwent a massive class rework across all Legend categories.

Controller Legends specialize in holding or fortifying a position. Their abilities help prevent other enemies from entering or taking a building or even an open space. Without a Controller Legend, holding a certain spot or building against similar-skilled opponents is almost impossible.

Moreover, Controller Legends can scan Survey Beacons located throughout the maps. Although it was previously the job of Recon Legends, Respawn made it an exclusive Perk for Controller Legends. And it makes sense, as Controller Legends are the ones responsible for finding suitable locations to hold.

How Many Controller Legends are there in Apex Legends?

Currently, in Season 19, there are 4 Controller Legends in the game. They are Caustic, Wattson, Rampart, and Catalyst. Aside from the common perk, each Controller Legend has its own set of abilities.

All Controller Legends Ranked

In this section, we’ll rank every Controller Legend from worst to best. We’ll put these characters in order based on their popularity and effectiveness in the current meta of the Battle Royale environment.

4. Caustic


Season 7 Caustic was so effective that Respawn had to nerf him in the mid-seasonal update. And in season 8, Respawn also gave him some additional nerfs. Following these nerfs, his effectiveness was reduced quite a bit.

Currently, Caustic is in a pretty balanced spot. Especially during the last circles. He can turn the tide of a match with his Ultimate and other abilities to hold any building. With the new Controller class ring scanning perk, he is a very potent Legend in maps with lots of buildings.

However, in open maps like Storm Point, OIympus, and Broken Moon, Caustic isn’t that effective. So, despite being good, Caustic is currently the last pick as a Controller Legend in the game.

3. Rampart


Rampart was not that useful in season 6 because her abilities would sometimes take an eternity to set up fully. Her amped cover alongside her ultimate “Sheila” can be handy at later stages of the game, but it was frustrating to set up correctly.

Back in season 7, Respawn gave her some slight buffs by decreasing the time it takes to set up her utility properly, and in the subsequent Season, she also received more buffs.

Following all the feedback, Respawn listened and gave her a solid rework back in the Evolution collection event. To add more, Respawn has given her more buffs to her Sheila and Amped cover in Season 14. As a result, she is finally in a state to become a strong competitor to other Controller Legends in the current character meta.

2. Wattson


Wattson received the most attention from Respawn with a previous seasonal update of Apex Legends. They gave her a decent rework and buffed almost all of her abilities while adjusting her hitbox model slightly.

All of her powerups combined have made her a decent character in the current fast-paced character meta in the game, meaning she is no longer an average Legend in Season 19. Moreover, her ability to scan rings and take control of any area makes her really viable on any map.

1. Catalyst


Catalyst was a decent character in Season 15. She was the only counter to Seer and other scan characters. She is also a great Controller Legend, thanks to her abilities to reinforce doors and create a giant ferrofluid wall.

Every new character usually remains popular at the beginning of a new season. However, as time passes, players find counters to their abilities. So, their position on the tier list also changes. As a result, she fell off the list after a while.

Nonetheless, she was still the most picked Controller Agent in the 2023 ALGS Split 2 Playoffs and Championship. So, it proves how strong Catalyst is in the current Apex Legends meta.

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Final Verdict

Every character has unique and useful abilities in Apex Legends. If utilized properly, any Legend can lead you to a foolproof win. However, some Legends are always preferred over others for particular maps, game modes, and situations. This list is based on the Legend’s abilities and how well they fit in the current meta. So try them out, and see what works best for you.

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