Apex Legends Season 16 Legend Class Rework: All Changes Explained

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: EA

Respawn just revealed the upcoming class rework in Season 16. It looks like the game will get a complete overhaul with the legends.

When Apex Legends first launched in 2019, there were only 8 Legends on the roster. Respawn had easily categorized those Legends into 4 classes: Assault, Defense, Recon, and Support. However, as the game started to age and the seasons started to pile up, things got slightly confusing.

Now that we are in Season 15, there are 23 Legends in the game. Although Respawn divided all of these Legends into the same 4 classes, the main question is, does every Legend fit in their class perfectly? The debate has been there for a long time now.

And this is not even the only legend-related issue in Apex right now. Respawn gave Recon class a unique Passive that allows them to scan Survey Beacons. Respawn also gave Lifeline a unique Passive that allowed her to open an extra compartment in blue Supply Bins.

But what about the other classes other than Recon? Why don’t they have unique perks? And what about Loba? She is also a support Legend. Why should Lifeline be the only Legend to get a special perk? So, many questions were unanswered. However, this will change in Season 16.

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Season 16 Legend Class Rework

At the beginning of Season 15, data miners such as KralRindo shared pictures of a specific red Loot Bin found in the game files that would most likely give extra ammo and weapon attachments to Assault class Legends. ThordanSmash, a content creator/ leaker, also confirmed it to be true.

And now, Respawn developers have revealed all the new legend classes and given some hints on what to expect. The developers dropped hints about how the Assault class legends may interact with the supply bins. Additionally, they also hinted at the Recon class legends’ beacon scan that’ll reveal the enemy locations.

new survey beacon season 16
Credit: EA

Here’s an in-depth look at the potential legend class changes:

  • A new Red Supply bin is to be introduced. Assault-class Legends can access those loot bins that will give them extra ammo and weapon attachments.
  • The Assault class Legends will get a new Passive, allowing them to stack more ammo in their inventory.
  • No Defensive class. Caustic, Rampart, Wattson, and Catalyst will be classified as Controller Legends.
  • Newcastle and Gibraltar will be in the Support class, joining Lifeline and Loba. Loba, Newcastle, and Gibraltar will be able to access Blue Loot Bins.
  • Pathfinder and Valkyrie are to be removed from the Recon class. A new Skirmisher class will be introduced. Pathfinder and Valkyrie will join the Skirmisher class.
  • Skirmisher class Legends will be able to see what’s in the care package.
  • Recon class Legends will be able to scan the survey beacons, and it’ll reveal the location of enemies, just like Crypto room scans.

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Although most of these leaks are confirmed by prominent data miners and leakers, they are not confirmed by Respawn yet. So, take it with a grain of salt.

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