Leak Suggests Season 16 will Bring Assault Class Smart Loot Bins into Apex Legends

According to a prominent data miner, Season 16 will give Assault class legends new perks allowing them to open special loot bins exclusive to them.

Since Season 1, Apex Legends has been introducing new legends and features into the game. These changes keep the game fresh and more enjoyable. Thanks to these changes, Apex Legends is now home to more than 130 million players worldwide.

Respawn revealed a unique kind of blue supply bin in Season 4. The blue supply bins had a locked compartment that only Lifelines could access. By opening that, players would receive extra supplies that anybody may use.

As of Season 15, only Lifeline can access the secret compartment of the blue supply bins. However, a recent leak suggests that a new supply bin is to be introduced in Season 16 that will be accessible to Assault class legends.

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Assault Class Smart Loot Bins

A leaker and a content creator named Thordan Smash recently shared a picture of a red supply loot bin and gave us some insights about how it would work. According to Thordan Smash, Assault legends will receive a unique perk that’ll allow them to open these unique loot bins in Season 16.

But what makes these loot bins so special? These supply loot bins are supposed to provide Assault class legends with extra ammo and weapon attachments so they can dominate the battlefield and keep on dealing damages.

Unlike blue supply bins, these loot bins will supposedly be accessible to all Assault class legends. This also means that Respawn may make the blue supply bins accessible to Loba. However, these are all leaks at this point, with no official confirmation from Respawn. So, take this information with a grain of salt.

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