Apex Legends Rank Distribution in Season 15 (December)

Are you interested in finding what percentage of players you belong to in Apex Legends’ rank distribution? Then, you’re in the right place.

Apex Legends introduced the rank system in Season 2: Battlecharge on July 2, 2019. Respawn named it the Ranked Leagues. At that time, the rank mode was only available for the Battle Royale playlist.

Since the rank system’s introduction, Respawn has made several changes to it throughout Apex’s lifespan. Additionally, millions of new players who now play ranked mode regularly joined the game later. So, Respawn introduced additional ranks to maintain the game’s competitive integrity.

On top of that, Apex Legends also introduced Ranked Arenas on August 3, 2021. So, currently, there are Battle Royale Ranked Leagues and Arenas Ranked in the game. For BR Ranked Leagues, there 8 ranks in the game. Whereas Arenas Ranked has 7 ranks in total.

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Apex Legends Rank Distribution

Respawn only publish rank data at the end of each Season. So, there is no way of gathering Respawn’s data of Battle Royale Ranked Leagues and Arenas Ranked before a season is over. However, Apexlegendsstatus, a third-party website, shares Apex-related data based on their 15.4 million players’ API database.

Although 15.4 million players do not represent the total Apex Legends population of 130+ million, it is a huge sample size. So the data from Apexlegendsstatus are the most reliable and accurate right now. Also, the website excludes the players that are unranked at the time of generating data.

Battle Royale Rank Distribution

Battle Royale Rank Distribution
Credit: Apexlegendsstatus
Bronze 420.736%
Bronze 35.005%
Bronze 24.267%
Bronze 13.392%
Silver 44.7%
Silver 34.8%
Silver 24.573%
Silver 13.826%
Gold 46.51%
Gold 35.623%
Gold 24.961%
Gold 13.971%
Platinum 46.696%
Platinum 33.506%
Platinum 22.266%
Platinum 11.535%
Diamond 43.092%
Diamond 30.722%
Diamond 20.294%
Diamond 10.115%
data via apexlegendsstatus

Arenas Rank Distribution

Arenas Rank Distribution
Credit: Apexlegendsstatus
Bronze 43.33%
Bronze 34.506%
Bronze 25.894%
Bronze 17.462%
Silver 49.507%
Silver 310.238%
Silver 212.225%
Silver 19.156%
Gold 48.909%
Gold 37.041%
Gold 25.623%
Gold 14.003%
Platinum 44.925%
Platinum 32.612%
Platinum 21.796%
Platinum 11.296%
Diamond 41.341%
Diamond 30.617%
Diamond 20.48%
Diamond 10.361%
data via apexlegendsstatus

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There you go! Now you know which portion of players in the Apex Legends rank distribution you belong to. Additionally, as was already mentioned, this data is not directly from Respawn. Therefore, it shouldn’t be regarded as 100% accurate. Nevertheless, this article will give you a decent understanding of the rank distribution in Apex Legends Season 15.

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