NICKMERCS Hits ImperialHal with a Swift Comeback after being Called out as the “Weak link” in Apex Legends

After ImperialHal addressed NICKMERCS as the “weak link” of team Tripods, NICKMERCS gets back to Hal’s criticism with a swift comeback.

ImperialHal is one of the most influential pro players and content creators in the Apex Legends community. However, he is also infamous for making controversial statements and criticizing anything and anyone related to Apex Legends.

Recently, after an ALGS afterparty discussion, a content creator named claraatwork asked ImperialHal, “who do you think is the weakest link in Tripods?” ImperialHal replied, “Nick! It’s so obvious. He’ll always be a weak link,” followed by ImperialHal’s reasoning behind the response.

NICKMERCS, who shifted to Apex Legends from Call of Duty: Warzone, quickly gained a reputation as a popular content creator among the players. However, very quickly, he developed into a highly skilled Apex player and is currently a part of a professional Apex team called Tripods, founded by NICKMERCS, Deeds, and Lewda.

Since his debut in Apex Legends competitive scene, NICKMERCS has made significant progress on his skills and is continuing to do so. And those who are familiar with NICKMERCS can pretty much guess that he won’t remain silent after hearing such criticism from anyone.

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NICKMERCS Hits ImperialHal with Swift Comeback

After ImperialHal’s remark on NICKMERCS, one of Nick’s viewers asked him if he had seen Hal and Acie’s clip regarding him (Nick) being on Seer and the weakest player in team Tripods. NICKMERCS claimed to have caught a glimpse of it.

After that, Nick responded, “I mean, I will say, in my defense, Hal’s talking shit about my progress in Apex since the jump. And he said that we wouldn’t ever make pred, then he said we wouldn’t do shit in pred, then he said we wouldn’t make pro league, then he said we wouldn’t do shit in pro league. And, every time he says that we just keep doing it.”

NICKMERCS’ response 0:53 to 2:01

“Listen, I understand it’s easy to call me, you know, the dead weight. It’s easy to say, okay, well he’s the oldest. You know he doesn’t play as hard as the other two and all that shit. Alright, cool, but, people are gonna learn the hard way or the easy way that I bring a lot of value to the f**ing team. He can have his opinion”, NICKMERCS further added.

What NICKMERCS was referring to was that every time ImperialHal looked down on him, Nick always proved him wrong. So, despite ImperialHal’s thoughts on NICKMERCS, he is determined to prove himself at the top level of the Apex Legends competitive scene.NICKMERCS simply viewed ImperialHal’s opinion as a challenge and a driving force to become a better player in the future.

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