Who are the Most Useful Support Legends of Apex in Season 19?

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In this article, we’ll go through every Support character in Apex Legends for Season 19 and rank them from worst to best.

Apex Legends, which entered the battle royale gaming genre as a dark horse in 2019, surprised everyone with its extraordinary gameplay and features. Everyone was astonished by Respawn’s flawless implementation of the hero shooter idea into a battle royale environment, and the game became very popular very quickly.

Upon the game’s initial release, it only had 8 legends. But, starting with Season 1, Respawn started adding a bunch of new characters to Apex Legends. Every season except for Seasons 16 and 18 saw the debut of a new character with special abilities.

Right now, there are 24 unique Legends in the game. Ballistic was the last character to take a spot in the Apex Legends roster. Every Legend in the game has different abilities and roles. Similarly, they have different roles to fulfill. The same applies to Support Legends.

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Support Class Legends

Although the game started with four classes: Assault, Recon, Support, and Defense, Respawn figured it was almost impossible to fit all the characters into these four groups. So, in Season 16, Apex Legends underwent a massive class rework across all Legend categories.

Support Legends have a more team-oriented focus. They look for opportunities to protect, recover, or resupply their allies. In the reworked class system, the Support role has been expanded and allows these Legends to stock their team and keep them alive.

As visible locations on the map, Blue Bins will provide key rotation options when in need of meds or Survival items. Additionally, Support Legends can now recover Ally Banners from Crafting Stations, even if the banner has expired, giving new options to get the team back into the game.

How Many Support Legends are there in Apex Legends?

Currently, in Season 19, there are 6 Support Legends in the game. They are Gibraltar, Mirage, Lifeline, Loba, Newcastle, and Conduit. Although Mirage was a Skirmisher Legend in Season 16, with the introduction of Season 17, Respawn made him a Support Legend. Aside from the common Support perk, each Support Legend has its own set of abilities.

Best Support Legends Ranked

In this section, we’ll rank every Support Legend from worst to best. We’ll put these characters in order based on how popular and how useful they are in the current meta of the Battle Royale environment.

6. Mirage


Mirage is one of the most cheerful Legends in the game. Although he is a popular character due to his personality, his abilities aren’t that impressive in ranked and competitive. Any good player with a few hundred hours in the game can easily counter Mirage. Throughout the seasons, Mirage got tons of buffs to his kits. Yet, the trickster remains one of the lowest-picked Legends in the game.

His abilities are great, and there’s no denying it. However, they aren’t beneficial to the team except for his Now You See Me Passive, which can be useful while reviving a knocked or respawning a dead teammate. However, that doesn’t make up for his lack of other powers.

5. Gibraltar

Credit: EA

Gibraltar had been a dominant character for a long time in Apex Legends. Every team needed a Gibraltar to rule the Outlands. In the 2021-22 ALGS Pro League Split 1 Playoffs – NA, Gibraltar had a 100% pick rate.

However, as the meta shifted, Gibraltar became obsolete despite getting any nerfs. Although his abilities are still powerful, better alternatives are available who can easily replace Gibraltar in the current meta. As a result, he sits at the bottom of our Support Legends list right now.

4. Lifeline

Credit: EA

Lifeline also received some rework/buffs back in season 5. Even before all those buffs, she was actually in a pretty decent state in terms of balance. However, the abilities that allowed her to revive two players simultaneously have made her too useful in almost all stages of the game in season 6.

Back in the Legacy update, Respawn removed shields from her passive revive ability, as most players felt really frustrated while dealing with her shields. But on the upside, her ultimate ability ensures an upgrade to the player’s current loot.

Lifeline again received a buff in Season 16. Now her Care Package falls really fast. So, players can easily upgrade their kits before enemies can attack them. However, in the late game, Lifeline doesn’t really provide much value to the team.

3. Newcastle

Credit: EA

Even though Newcastle’s pick rate skyrocketed at the beginning of Season 13, his popularity among the players decreased as time passed. As most players have figured out how to counter Newcastle, and he dropped in popularity at the end of Season 13.

Newcastle got his predestined buff in Season 14 because of his lower pick rate. His buffs made him strong. However, Newcastle didn’t stand a chance on the top because of so many defensive characters.

Nonetheless, thanks to the Legend-class rework, Newcastle is not a defensive character anymore. Newcastle is now a Support Legend with a special perk. Newcastle offers more value in the mid-and late-games than Lifeline. So, he is an easy pick as a great Support Legend.

2. Loba

Credit: EA

Loba made her debut in the Apex games back in season 5. Initially, she was pretty popular with the Apex community, but as the season passed, her popularity died down quite a bit. Back in season 7, Respawn gave her the Ultimate ability to scoop up all the ammo in range.

Since that wasn’t enough, Respawn allowed her to loot inside unopened care packages, which are now visible with Eye for Quality and accessible through the Black Market Boutique.

In the Season 18 update, Respawn decided not to make any new changes to her as she is in quite a balanced state right now. In addition to the Support perk, Loba is currently one of the best characters in Apex Legends.

1. Conduit

Credit: EA

Conduit is the newest member of Apex Legends’ Support-class family. Unlike most other Support Legends, she is adept at aiding her teammates and an irritant to enemies.

She is a versatile character who can adapt to any stage of a game. Furthermore, her powers are well-suited to any map in the game. So, as long as Respawn does not nerf her, she will reign supreme.

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Final Verdict

Every character has unique and useful abilities in Apex Legends. If utilized properly, any Legend can lead you to a foolproof win. However, some Legends are always preferred over others for particular maps, game modes, and situations. This list is based on the Legend’s abilities and how well they fit in the current meta. So try them out, and see what works best for you.

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