Who are the Most Versatile Skirmisher Legends of Apex in Season 19?

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In this article, we’ll go through every Skirmisher character in Apex Legends for Season 19 and rank them from worst to best.

Despite the surprise launch, Apex Legends managed to capture the attention of FPS and Battle Royale enthusiasts worldwide. Currently, it is a playground for more than 130 million players, and the player count keeps rising with every seasonal update.

However, Apex Legends hasn’t always been like this. The game has evolved a lot since its release, and Respawn continues to do so with every new season. For example, upon its release, the game only had one map named Kings Canyon. But, with time, Respawn introduced 4 new maps with unique features and layouts.

Similarly, upon the game’s initial release, Apex Legends only had 8 Legends. But, starting with Season 1, Respawn started adding a bunch of new characters to the game. And every season except for Seasons 16 and 18 saw the debut of a new character with unique abilities.

Right now, there are 24 unique Legends in the game. Ballistic was the last character to secure a spot in the Apex Legends roster. Every Legend in the game has different abilities and characteristics. Similarly, they have different roles to perform.

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What is Skirmisher Class Legends?

Although the game started with four classes: Assault, Recon, Support, and Defense, Respawn figured it was almost impossible to fit all the characters into these four groups. So, in Season 16, Apex Legends underwent a massive Legend-class rework across all Legend categories.

Skirmisher Legends are those types of characters who can get into a fight and, if needed, can get out of there using their abilities. These Legends are escape artists who specialize in mobility.

Moreover, Skirmisher Legends can scan Supply Drops or Care Packages, revealing the hidden weapons inside. This may seem an underwhelming perk compared to other classes; however, knowing the weapon inside the Care Package can help you and your team to win, especially in ranked matches.

How Many Skirmisher Legends are there in Apex Legends?

Currently, in Season 19, there are 6 Skirmisher Legends in the game. They are Wraith, Pathfinder, Octane, Horizon, Valkyrie and Revenant. Aside from the common Recon perk, each Skirmisher Legend has its own set of abilities.

Note: Revenant was an Assault Legend before up to Season 17. However, due to the Revenant Reborn rework, he was made a Skirmisher Legend in Season 18.

All Skirmisher Legends Ranked

In this section, we’ll rank every Skirmisher Legend from worst to best. We’ll put these characters in order based on their popularity and effectiveness in the current meta of the Battle Royale environment.

Ranking Skirmisher Legends is a bit trickier than other characters. Most Skirmisher Legends are really good as solo characters. However, Apex Legends is a team game, and you cannot always win as a solo. So, this Skirmisher Legends ranking will focus on their capability to provide for the team as well as their individual abilities.

6. Octane

Credit: EA

Octane is an adrenaline junkie and a very fun Legend to use in casual matches. If you like tap-strafing and wall bouncing, playing with Octane can give you so much joy, thanks to his Stim and Launch Pad.

However, in ranked and competitive matches, Octane isn’t really valuable compared to the top Skirmisher Legends on our list. Octane is more of a solo character who is good on his own, but his abilities don’t provide much value in team composition.

5. Pathfinder

Credit: EA

Pathfinder is a “high-risk, high-reward” Legend in the game. The robot is arguably the best movement Legend Apex has to offer, even in Season 19. A veteran Pathfinder main can play with his opponents. Whether you’re in a building or on plain ground, Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook can get you in or out of any fight and cover vast distances.

Yet, it is also a double-edged sword. A bad grapple can cause you and your team to lose a match. Not to mention, Pathfinder’s max Grappling Hook cooldown is 30 seconds. So, you are basically being punished for covering long distances.

Considering Pathfinder’s overall abilities, he is still a really good Skirmisher Legend in the game. However, his abilities are kind of hit or miss and not always beneficial for the whole team. As a result, Pathfinder is our number 5 Skirmisher Legend in Season 19.

4. Wraith

Credit: EA

Before Wraith’s Tactical: Into the Void nerf, she was, hands down, the best Legend in the game. Wraith could enter any fight and use her phase as a jail-free card to escape any unpleasant situation. However, that was nerfed in the 5.1 patch.

Not only that, Wraith underwent several nerfs over the lifetime of Apex Legends, including a Hitbox size increase, Low profile damage, and Portal nerf. To add insult to injury, Respawn even nerfed her “Naruto run” animation in a later update.

However, Respawn realized that Wraith had been under fire for far too long, and it was time to show her some love. So, in Season 16, Respawn gave her some well-deserved buff to her Portal. Nonetheless, it is still insufficient to make her take the number 1 spot on the list. Regardless, she is still a solid pick in Season 19.

3. Revenant

Credit: EA

Revenant’s ruthless personality made him one of the scariest Legends in the game. However, despite his weird personality, the community loves Revenant because he brings something new to the game.

Since Revenant’s release, he underwent continuous buffs and nerfs to adjust him to the Apex Legends character meta. However, he could never fit well in the meta because of the nature of his abilities.

So, in season 18 Respawn completely reworked Revenant, and a new Revenant was Reborn. His kits were readjusted to make him on par with other characters. So, currently, Revenant is one of the most-played Legends in the game.

2. Valkyrie

Credit: EA

Valkyrie joined the Apex games with the highly anticipated Legacy update. Superior mobility and repositioning capability have made her quite essential for most squads.

On top of that, her Passive highlights enemies from far distances. This ability can also work in conjunction with her Ultimate ability to enter the zone from far distances or fly over squads that are gatekeeping zones. In season 13, Respawn slightly changed her spinning ability during skyward diving. However, it did not have a major impact on her pick rate.

In Season 16, Valkyrie was put in the Skirmisher class. However, except for the ring scanning ability, nothing else has changed. But, due to Season 18’s new ring damage, she has become a useful character to get into the ring. So, she is still a must-pick Legend in Season 19.

1. Horizon

Credit: EA

Although Horizon is a Skirmisher Legend, people use her as an offensive Legend to take the lead. Horizon’s Tactical: Gravity Lift can elevate her and her team to take any high ground. Moreover, it can be used to bring downed teammates back to a safer position.

Horizon can use her Gravity Lift and Black Hole to initiate a push. If the Ultimate is utilized properly, a tea with Horizon can win almost any 3v3 fight. Her Passive: Spacewalk is also pretty useful when using Gravity Cannon or jumping from high grounds.

All her abilities are helpful in most combat scenarios. Moreover, she is the perfect Legend who can serve as both Skirmisher and an Assault Legend. So, in Season 19, she holds the top position among the Skirmisher Legends.

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Final Verdict

Every character has unique and useful abilities in Apex Legends. If utilized properly, any Legend can lead you to a foolproof win. However, some Legends are always preferred over others for particular maps, game modes, and situations. This list is based on the Legend’s abilities and how well they fit in the current meta. So try them out and see what works best for you.

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