Apex Legends Revenant Reborn: Leaked Abilities, Release Date, & More

Nazmul Hassan
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Recent leaks have revealed that Revenant is going to receive a complete rework. Thus, a new Revenant will be reborn.

Revenant first appeared in season 4 of Apex Legends and is arguably the scariest and most ruthless Legend in the game. He made his entry into the Apex game for the sole purpose of taking revenge against the people and organizations who were behind his gruesome fate.

Revenant’s abilities once made him one of the best aggressive characters in Apex Legends. However, due to endless nerfs and tweaks, the Legend has become kind of an obsolete character in the meta.

So, instead of giving a buff, the developers will rework Revenant. A new Revenant will be reborn with improved abilities that’ll make him on par with the other Assault Legends in the current meta.

revenant reborn
credit: ea

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Apex Legends Revenant Reborn Leaked Abilities

ilootgames and Thordan Smash shed light on some pretty important details about the upcoming Revenant Reborn’s abilities.

According to the leakers, all of Revenant’s abilities will undergo massive rework. For starters, Revenant will have a completely new Passive named Shadow Form, allowing him to see low-hp enemies within 30 meters range.

As for his Tactical, he will receive a movement ability called Shadow Pounce. The Shadow Dash will allow Revenant to perform dashes up to 20 meters in range. He can perform a second dash just by pressing the space again, similar to Octane’s double jump ability.

There’s a discrepancy in the leaked Ultimate ability. Thordan Smash shared that Revenant will still have his Death Totem with a modified ability. However, ilootgames did not mention any Death Totem. Instead, he shared that there’ll be shadow shield will be activated upon pressing the Ultimate button, which will protect him from incoming damage.

apex legends revenant reborn
credit: ea

Revenant Reborn Abilities:

  • Passive- Shadow Form: Within the range of [30 meters], Revenant can see enemies whose health is lower than [40.] If Revenant hits the enemies below [40] health, the vision will be shared by the whole ally team. Revenant can still walk faster and climb higher, like before.
  • Tactical- Shadow Pounce: Revenant can perform a dash forward or upward [20 meters,] without positioning and press the [space] to perform a second dash.
  • Ultimate-Forged Shadows: Upon activation, a shield of shadow surrounds Revenant, giving him protection from incoming damage. Knocking down or killing enemies restores health and armor [25 health points/ 25 armor points,] as well as recharges Tactical.

Revenant Reborn Release Date

There’ll be no new Legend in Season 18. Instead, Respawn will release Revenant Reborn with the Season 18 update, which is set to go live on August 8, 2023.

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