Shocking 2021-22 NA Pro League Data Proves Why Gibraltar Needs a Nerf in Apex Legends

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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The recent team composition from the Pro League Playoffs – NA uncovers a shocking pick rate for Gibraltar and raises questions about the relevancy of other defensive characters in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends set its foot in the battle royale genre in early 2019 and became popular instantly among FPS enthusiasts. The diverse roster of Legends and their unique abilities made the game more fun, and everyone, including competitive and casual gamers alike, embraced the game wholeheartedly.

The game went through constant updates, tweaks, nerfs, and buffs of Legends such as Crypto and Caustic in order to retain its player base and attract more new gamers in the process. And for the record, the strategy worked as the player base kept getting bigger and bigger.

The ability to play as Offensive, Defensive, Support, and Recon characters with unique abilities captured more interest among pros in the highest level of competitive Apex Legends.

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Gibraltar With Highest Pick Rate in Tournaments

Gibraltar and Caustic were the first two characters to come as Defensive Legends with the launch of Apex Legends. At the start, both the Legends were unpopular among the players. But as the seasons advanced, these characters became forces to be reckoned with.

Among all the Defensive characters, Gibraltar got the most buffs throughout the seasons. The 2021-22 pro league split 1 playoffs – NA data shows that 100% of teams had Gibraltar on their team, followed by Caustic, who has only 30% pick rate, whereas Wattson and Rampart were nowhere to be found.

Does Gibby Beed a Nerf?

Currently, Gibby is the strongest character in Apex Legends, according to the pros. Though every team has a Gibraltar of their own, they believe that an adjustment is necessary to balance the Legends and maintain the competitive integrity of the game.

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Either a new Defensive Legend or a nerf can make the Apex Legends competitive scene more enjoyable.

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