Apex Legends Players Found Another Secret Horizon Nerf that Broke Her Ultimate

After Horizon’s tactical nerf was reversed, the Apex Legends community discovered a second hidden Horizon nerf that broke her ultimate.

After Season 15 Spellbound Collection Event went live, players discovered that a secret nerf was deployed to Horizon that affected her Tactical. The Tactical nerf wasn’t addressed in the Spellbound patch notes, which was a surprising oversight. As a result, players were understandably outraged about it, especially the Horizon mains.

Whether on purpose or by accident, Respawn released a small patch that corrected the secret Horizon nerf. However, the players soon discovered yet another hidden nerf to Horizon. And this time, the nerf has affected Horizon’s Ultimate.

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Horizon’s Secret Ultimate Nerf

Horizon’s Tactical is one of the most used abilities in the game. Therefore, it goes without saying that everyone, including Horizon mains and normal players, noticed it when the nerf had an impact on shooting accuracy.

Yet, not many players were aware of Horizon’s Ultimate nerf, which was released at the same time as the Tactical nerf. Effective after the Spellbound update, Horizon’s Ultimate: Black Hole can no longer pull enemies who are behind walls or barriers.

Although the nerf went almost unnoticed, it clearly affects Horizon’s overall fighting capabilities against enemies behind the covers. While some players feel that the Horizon Ultimate nerf is well-balanced, others feel that it was perfect the way it was.

In any case, it seems odd that Respawn would pick on a single Legend just before the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs. So, unless Respawn addresses this issue, whether her Ultimate nerf is also an accident or a deliberate action can’t be said for certain.

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