Respawn Silently Hard Nerfed Horizon in the Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event: Mistake or Intentional?

Respawn just silently nerfed Horizon’s Tactical in the Season 15 Spellbound Collection Event. And the strange part is it wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes.

Usually, before a big Apex Legends update goes live, Respawn releases patch notes to let everyone know about the upcoming changes. Similarly, Respawn released detailed patch notes before the Spellbound Collection Event, including many gameplay changes.

In the Spellbound patch notes, there was no mention of any Legend-related change. But interestingly enough, after the update went live, players found out that Horizon’s Tactical has been heavily nerfed, and now, she can’t accurately aim or track enemies while using the Gravity Lift.

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Horizon’s Massive Tactical Nerf: Intentional or Mistake?

Although Horizon was an overpowered Legend at the time of her release in Season 7, she went through constant nerfs over time, making her somewhat inferior compared to other available Legends.

So after her pick rate dropped significantly, Respawn decided to give her a balanced buff in Season 10 emergence update. Since then, Horizon has become one of the most picked characters in the current Apex Legends meta.

However, when things were going well for Horizon, her Tactical: Gravity Lift took a hit once again by Respawn in Season 15 Spellbound Collection Event.

Interestingly enough, Respawn didn’t include this nerf in the Spellbound patch notes. Respawn is notorious for breaking the game with every single update. As a result, players are wondering if this is a mistake by the developers.

However, Respawn occasionally balances weapons and Legends without any prior announcement, as when Respawn nerfed Pathfinder’s Zipline in the Season 14 Beast of Prey Collection Event. Nonetheless, with ALGS Split 1 Playoffs coming in close, it will be interesting to see whether Horizon’s silent nerf will impact the overall Apex Legends meta or not.

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