Apex Legends Secretly Nerfed Pathfinder’s Double Zipline Movement in Beast of Prey Collection Event Patch

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Players found a secret nerf to Pathfinder’s Zipline movement technique that wasn’t mentioned in the Beast of Prey Patch Notes.

Respawn recently released the Beast of Prey Collection Event and delivered a whole lot of new content in Apex Legends. Fortunately, Loba mains got their long-awaited Heirloom in this Event. Apart from it, a brand new LTM called Gun Run was also released.

With every patch, Respawn makes minor to major adjustments to the game. The same goes for this latest patch also. Fortunately, Respawn didn’t make any major changes to the game other than Arenas and Rampart’s Sheila changes.

The Gravity Cannon tap-strafing was also removed, but players didn’t seem much bothered by it. However, apart from these changes, players recently found a notable nerf to Pathfinder’s Zipline that didn’t make it into the Beast of Prey patch notes.

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Pathfinder’s Double Zipline Jumping Nerf

The beginning of Season 5 was a nightmare for Pathfinder mains. Respawn hit Pathfinder hard with its increased Grapple cooldown timer. To add insult to injury, Respawn further nerfed him by removing his Passive ability in Season 6.

Although Respawn made some improvements along the way, Pathfinder never got his former glory back. So, players have been desperately asking for a Pathfinder buff or a new Passive that would make him more relevant in the Apex meta once again.

Every now and then, Respawn gives an indication of a potential Pathfinder buff with his Passive. However, it’s been eight Seasons since Pathfinder is wandering in the Outlands without an actual Passive. So, players are pretty frustrated with Respawn.

However, instead of giving a buff to Pathfinder, it seems like, Respawn again nerfed Pathfinder in the latest patch. A content creator named Skeptation pointed out that you can no longer jump between Ziplines like before.

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Double Zipline jumping has been pretty fun and harmless movement mechanic in Apex Legends. It allowed players to travel distances without taking too much damage from enemies. It was also a high-risk and high-reward strategy as it took multiple Ziplines to make it work.

So the nerfing of the double Zipline jumping technique kind of shocked the players. They are more annoyed because Respawn didn’t even mention it in the Beast of Prey Patch Notes. So, some players are hoping that it’s a mistake or a bug and Respawn will soon fix it.

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