Apex Legends season 6 patch notes: recon characters like Bloodhound, Crypto, pathfinder receives huge buffs

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image credit: Respawn

Respawn just released its patch notes for season 6 of Apex Legends which includes huge buffs to recon characters like Bloodhound, Crypto, and pathfinder.

Ever since Apex Legends launched back in 2019, recon characters except Pathfinder were really useless in high tier matches. Although in season 5 things were beginning to change. However, it seems like season 6 will be dominated by recon characters.

Bloodhound buffs:

Just right before the patch notes went live, Josh Medina who is the producer on Apex Legends gave players a hint that Bloodhound was going to receive some love from Respawn. And after taking a closer look at the patch note it seems like he was right as Bloodhound got huge buffs in season 6.

From now on recon characters like Bloodhound will be able to use survey beacons which were previously only exclusive to Pathfinder.

Beast of the Hunt: Now gains even more duration when Bloodhound scores a knockdown or kill with the ultimate about to run out.

Eye of the Allfather: During Beast of the Hunt, Eye of the Allfather now comes out twice as fast and has a much shorter cooldown. Numbers:

  • Beast of the Hunt duration extension 5s → [5s – 15s] based on the remaining duration
  • Eye of the Allfather CD during Beast of the Hunt: 25s → 6s
  • Eye of the Allfather total use time during Beast of the Hunt: 1.8s → 0.9s

Crypto buffs:

Crypto was released back in season 3. However, only recently players really started to select this legend at a really high level. While previously Crypto was kind of a joke, now in season 6 he will be one of the most effective legends in high-level Apex Legends tournaments.

Surveillance drone: 

  • Crypto can now activate respawn and survey beacons from his drone. Doing so is instant instead of requiring a prolonged use. 
  • Made the surveillance drone slightly more consistent to hit but also doubled its hitpoints.

Drone EMP:

  • EMP will now slow teammates caught in the blast, even if they had no shields. This means that players who have used Revenant’s Death Totem will also be slowed.


  • Surveillance Drone 30HP → 60HP
  • Surveillance Drone hitbox size: cube of edge length 16 → cube of edge length 24

Pathfinder buffs:

Since Respawn decided to give all the other recon characters the ability to use the survey beacons, pathfinder kind of received another partial Nerf. To remedy this, Respawn added some slight buffs to Pathfinder before all those Pathfinder mains start a riot on the streets.

Passive: Each time Pathfinder scans a survey beacon, the total cooldown of Zipline Gun is reduced. Numbers: Zipline Gun cooldown reduced by 10s each time Pathfinder scans a beacon. Up to 6 rings per game means the total cooldown of Zipline Gun can go from 120s to 60s.

In summary, recon characters saw the biggest change in season 6. As a result, players will witness more recon characters in the Apex games from now on.

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