Apex Legends season 6 Ranked: Respawn ditches the old series terminology, ranked reset and split dates, ranked rewards and more

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Respawn just released their plan for the ranked mode in season 6 of Apex Legends which is set to release on August 18th.

The new ranked season 6 promises a better experience for all types of players ranging from professional to casual players who just want to play the game more seriously than others.

Respawn ditches “series” terminology:

Ever since Apex Legends introduced their rank mode in season 2, they used “series” terminology instead of a season to make them stand apart from each other. Although in season 6, they decided to ditch the “series” terminology for “season” to make it much simpler.

Season 5 result for players based upon August 13th:

  • 16.21% Bronze (17.51%)
  • 22.83% Silver (27.2%)
  • 32.31% Gold (33.7%)
  • 23.96% Platinum (18.82%)
  • 4.37% Diamond (2.51%)
  • 0.31% Master & Apex Predator (0.2%)

Seems like Respawn’s plan to give top-level players more incentive by only making the top 500 players in each region the Apex predator ranking was a huge success. According to Respawn, player retention was much better than in previous seasons. Only top-performing pro players with consistent plays made it to the very top of the ranked ladder.

Ranked Reset And Split Dates for Season 6:

Unlike previous season 5, this time Respawn will start with World’s Edge map instead of Kings canyon. And will move to Kings canyon on September 29th.

Ranked rewards:

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Players will be able to earn Dive trail again in season 8 if they missed it on season 4 the first time. So, players who already missed their chance on those dive trails will get another chance in season 8.

Dive Trails
Image via Respawn

Ranked disparity:

for example, only 3% of matches for all Platinum players in Apex Legends have them going up against an Apex Predator. For Platinum players that might be 3% too much, and we certainly understand their frustration when it happens, but since we have to balance queue times and latency for all players involved, this is a situation we are unable to ever realistically eliminate completely.

Apex Legend Ranked designers

One of the issues that low ranked players were facing in this season was the huge ranked disparity as platinum players would sometimes get queued with predator players. Even though it was only 3% of the time, it was really frustrating for platinum players who really wanted to get matched against opponents with similar ranks.

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