Respawn dev hints at a potential Rampart and Watson meta in Apex Legends season 6

Rampart and Watson will dominate the Apex games in season 6

Respawn just recently announced Rampart as the new character in Apex Legends season 6.

The latest gameplay trailer for the upcoming season 6 of Apex Legends already gave players a glimpse into what Rampart can do in the Apex games. As Rampart is a weapon modder, most of her abilities are centered around her HMG(heavy machine gun) called “sheila” and her fortified wall cover that she can place anywhere on the map.

Image via Respawn

Additionally, she will be able to give each of her teammates a modded HMG attached to a fortified wall. A Respawn dev in the Apex Legends subreddit already hinted towards a possible change in the hero meta with the upcoming season 6.

Rampart and Watson as the new meta:

According to a developer at Respawn, grenades are the only weakness of Rampart. The only way to combat Rampart is to throw some grenades in her direction in order to get her away from her fortified cover. Therefore, grenades are truly the bane of Rampart’s existence.

However, Apex Legends already has a character who specializes in dealing with projectiles. If players pair Watson and Rampart together just imagine the carnage that will ensue on the battlefield. Watson can already defend an area effectively with her fences and ultimate.

Now just imagine having the firepower of Rampart alongside the defensive capabilities of a Watson in the same squad. The whole legend meta is about to get upside down with the new release of Apex Legends. Although the actual patch note is yet to be revealed. Additionally, there are rumors floating around regarding nerfs to agents that are currently in the meta.

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