Players Demand Strike Packs to Be Banned from Apex Legends Just Like Fortnite

Strike Packs have become a pretty standard mod used in the Apex Legends community. But should it be allowed?

Mouse and Keyboard vs. Controller have always been a controversial topic in the Apex Legends community since the beginning of its lifetime. However, players are more concerned with using third-party assistance with controllers such as Strike Pack.

If you’re unaware, Strike Pack is an external device used in popular controllers like PS and XBOX to add advanced functionality. It works like a modification that gives players added advantages that regular controllers don’t provide.

Recently, Fortnite released patch notes where they mentioned banning “any restricted devices that provide, or are intended to provide, a competitive advantage” in the future. According to the patch notes, the Strike Packs also fall under restricted devices.

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Should Strike Packs be Allowed in Apex?

The Apex community has always been in a debate about whether Stike Pack should be allowed in the game or not. ALGS has already banned the usage of Strike Packs from its tournaments. But, it is not banned from the actual game itself.

Many players think using Strike Pack is cheating because it gives users an unfair advantage. Some also think otherwise and say it is completely legal and fair to use in Apex Legends because it is not directly bannable by Respawn.

Using Strike Pack has always remained in the grey area of Apex Legends. However, following the ban of Strike Packs in Fortnite, players are now more adamant about banishing Strike Packs from Apex Legends.

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