Apex Legends Beast of Prey Collection Event: Release Date Across Different Time Zones

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: EA

Season 14’s most awaited Beast of Prey Collection Event is going to be live soon. Let’s find out exactly when the update will go live across different time zones.

Respawn announced the Beast of Prey Collection Event for Season 14, which will finally bring Loba’s long-awaited Heirloom. Lots of other exciting cosmetic items will also be available with the release of the Season 14 Collection Event.

The Collection Event will also bring some changes to the game. The community’s most favorite skin Heat Sink, is getting an iron sight overhaul. Respawn also promised iron sight nerfs for some other “pay-to-win” skins as well.

Apart from this, the patch will make some subtle quality of life changes among which the removal of tap strafe in gravity cannons remains the most significant one. Rampart is also having some minor adjustments with her Ultimate. Overall, the Collection Event will undergo some exciting changes.

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Beast of Prey Event Release Time

Credit: EA

Players are eagerly waiting for the Collection Event to go live on September 20, 2022. Respawn always release big updates at the same time throughout the world. So, let’s see when Apex Legends Beast of the Prey Collection will go live across different time zones:

DateTime ZoneTime
September 20PDT10:00 am
September 20EDL01:00 pm
September 20GMT05:00 pm
September 20CET07:00 pm

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Understandably, players are excited and afraid of all the launch day server issues that have become synonymous with new Apex updates at this point. Hopefully, Respawn took enough precautions for a smooth launch to the new Collection Event.

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