Best Apex Legends Weapon Skins with Clean Iron Sights in 2023

In this article, we’ll guide you through the best skins with clean iron sights that Respawn has released so far in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends does not require players to spend money as it is a free-to-play game. But the players can customize their weapon skins according to their preferences. They can collect these rare cosmetic items from loot boxes, battle passes, and events or they can buy the skins directly from the Apex Store using real money.

Apex Legends offers a bunch of legends, weapon skins, charms, and more to its players. Among them, weapon and legend skins are the most exquisite and practical, as they are easily visible in the game.

However, even among the Legendary weapon skins, some skins are more sought after than their alternatives. These skins are mostly preferred because of their clean iron sights in the game. They are also sometimes called “pay-to-win” skins because they are much better than normal iron sights.

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Best Weapon skins with Clean Ironsights in Apex Legends

Here we’ll rank the 10 weapon skins that have the best iron sights in the game. Some weapon skins give you an absolute advantage over other skins, with no exceptions. Consequently, these skins will be on the S-Tier of our list.

The A-Tier skins also have impressive iron sights but fall slightly short behind their S-Tier counterparts. Contrarily, some skins can only give you only a slight advantage over others, and you can get away without using these skins. Likewise, these variants will typically go to the B-Tier.

As with any other tier list, this one will also be highly subjective. This list will be ideal for newcomers and returning veterans looking for the best “pay to win” skins with clean iron sights in the game. In addition, we’ll rank this tier list from worst to best.

Best (S-Tier)Red Rocket, Totally Gnarly, Heat Sink, Northern Lights
Good (A-Tier)Zero Point, The Galvanizer, The Noble Cause
Average (B-Tier)Teal Zeal, Polished Perfection, Supersonic

Top 10 Pay To Win Skins With Clean Ironsights

While Apex Legends has a large selection of legendary weapon skins, not all of them feature clean iron sights. Some skins also have different variants and recolors. However, we’ll only highlight a single variant of those skins in the list.

10. Supersonic

G7 Supersonic
Credit: EA

Supersonic is a reactive battle pass skin, released in Season 6. Though almost every G7-Scout skin has a pretty similar ironsight, this one has subtle tweaks that improve visual clarity in-game. However, a G7-Scout is pretty useless without a 2/3/4X. So the iron sight will only be good if you’re fighting right away after spawning.

Other alternatives and variants:

  • Hypersonic.

9. Polished Perfection

Credit: EA

The Prowler has one of the worst iron sights in the game. Without a 1x HCOG, it is quite difficult to see through the iron sight. Polished Perfection, however, includes two extended vertical metallic pieces that allow you to focus more on your target, giving you a clear view.

Other alternatives and variants:

  • N/A

8. The Noble Cause

The Noble Cause peacekeeper
Credit: EA

The Noble Cause is a legendary Peacekeeper skin that was first introduced during Season 2’s Iron Crown Event. Although it has a bulkier-looking iron sight, many players prefer it more than the slimmer ones.

Other alternatives and variants:

  • N/A

7. Heat Sink

Heat Sink
Credit: EA

Heat Sink was by far the best Flatline skin with clean iron sight in the game. However, both Heat Sink and Heavy Metal Flatline’s ironsights were nerfed in the Beast of Prey Collection Event. However, it still has one of the cleanest ironsights in the game. Not to mention, the skin itself is a work of art.

Other alternatives and variants:

  • Heavy Metal

6. The Galvanizer

 The Galvanizer
Credit: EA

The Galvanizer is a popular and well-known alternator skin. The stock iron sight on the Alternator is already superior. The Galvanizer iron sight, however, is a massive upgrade since it enables you to clearly focus on your targets.

Other alternatives and variants:

  • LED Rez
  • Palate Cleanser
  • The Illuminator
  • Ocean Spray

5. Zero Point

Zero Point
Credit: EA

Zero Point R-99 skin has one of the best iron sights in the game. Arguably, it has the best iron sight that is on par with the Totally Gnarly R-99 skin. However, the only downside is that it was only available with the Season 4 Battle Pass.

Other alternatives and variants:

  • N/A

4. Northern Lights

Northern Lights
Credit: EA

The default peacekeeper’s iron sight is very obstructive, and you can hardly aim with it without an optic. However, the Northern Lights Peacekeeper has a pretty neat iron sight that does not block your view and lets you aim flawlessly.

Other alternatives and variants:

  • The Lonestar
  • The Superstar
  • Old Blue

3. Teal Zeal

Teal Zeal
Credit: EA

The Season 5 Lost Treasures Collection Event saw the debut of the Flatline skin, Teal Zeal. Teal Zeal is the best Flatline with a superior ironsight following the nerfs to the Heat Sink and Heavy Metal Flatline ironsights. Given Flatline’s poor ironsight, it’s only natural for Teal Zeal to take third place on the list.

Other alternatives and variants:

  • N/A

2. Totally Gnarly

Totally Gnarly
Credit: EA

Totally Gnarly is a must-have R-99 skin for Apex Legends players. Everyone is aware of how terrible the game’s default R-99 iron sight is. Therefore, investing in Totally Gnarly or another R-99 variation is worthwhile in the long run.

The Season 7 Battle Pass reactive R-99 skins also have equally good iron sights. However, they are no longer accessible in the game. So, consider yourself lucky if you managed to get your hands on any of those.

Other alternatives and variants:

  • Outlands Avalanche
  • The Kill Switch
  • The Unloader
  • Cutting Edge
  • Revolutionary

1. Red Rocket

 Red Rocket
Credit: EA

Similar to the R-99, the Red Rocket is also a must-have weapon skin to have in Apex Legends. Although it is a recolor version of the Merciless Wingman, you can often find it in the recolor store. Wingman is an important firearm to master if you want to become good at Apex Legends. And skins with good iron sights can take your Wingman mastery to the next level.

Other alternatives and variants:

  • The Death Ray
  • Merciless Wing
  • The Dismantler
  • The Sunburst
  • Brass Beast

How To Get These Skins?

Some of the skins in this article, like the Totally Gnarly, Red Rocket, and Northern Star, are just different recolors of skins that come with the game by default. These skins come into store rotation every now and then.

You have to buy the original versions of these skins from the Loadout tab in Apex Legends before you can get these ones. After that, when recolors come to store rotation, you can get that by purchasing with Legend Tokens.

The default legendary weapon skins usually cost 1200 Crafting Materials or 1800 Apex Coins. On the other hand, the recolored skins usually cost 10500 or 6500 Legend Tokens. The Heat Sink and Zero Point are battle pass-exclusive cosmetic items that don’t come to the store. But event-specific cosmetic items such as the Teal Zeal and the Noble Cause are often made available in the Apex Store.

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