EA Might Work On An Apex Legends TV Series In Collaboration With Netflix

Hype is roaming over the internet about an Apex Legends TV series, which may turn out to be true based on rumors and leaks.

Apex Legends set its foot into the battle royale genre in early 2019. The game instantly became popular among players all over the world. The diverse roster of legends and their unique abilities made the game more enjoyable to play. Everyone, including competitive and casual gamers alike, embraced the game wholeheartedly.

The game made its name in the online gaming industry because of its extraordinary gameplay and features. However, Apex’s character development and lore are another aspect that took it to the next level. Every Character, Weapon, and Map also shares the same universe as Titanfall and has exciting stories.

Respawn releases Stories From The Outlands or SFTO lore videos every season, where they portray stories for specific Legends. Players eagerly wait for these videos as they are always exciting and bring something new to the Apex community.

Apex Legends recently aired Lifeline’s Family Business SFTO and wowed everyone in the community. The animation, story, and execution were out of the world. Following the recent Lifeline SFTO trailer, players are now starving for an Apex Legends TV series more than ever.

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Apex Legends Netflix Series

After the major success of some popular video game adaptations such as Arcane, Dota, and Castlevania, it seems like there has never been a more suitable time for the Apex Legends TV series. Apex Legends fans all over the internet have been asking for a TV series adaptation of the beloved video game title for a long time.

Credit: Netflix

Though there has not been any official announcement regarding an Apex Legends TV series, there are rumors floating around on the internet for a plausible Apex Legends adaptation. The first hint Respawn gave us was back in Season 6, in an interview with GamesRadar. When the game director, Chad Grenier, was asked about a Netflix TV series of Apex Legends. He quoted:

“Yeah, I would love to do that. That sounds awesome. A Netflix animated series of Apex? Sign me up! I think right now we’re focused on making the game, but heck, if someone wants to pitch me something, I’ll listen.”

Respawn Entertainment gave the community a second hint in the “Ask Me Anything” session on the Apex legends subreddit one year back. In that AMA post, a fan asked the devs about an Apex Legends TV series on Netflix or Amazon Prime, and the devs’ reply was “🤐”.

In another instance, an Apex fan made an “Arcane X Apex” intro back on December 28, 2021. Surprisingly, a Studio Operations Director of Respawn named “Tim Lewinson” made a retweet of that video with, “I…have some conversations yo follow up on come January”.

These hints clearly suggest that Respawn has plans for a TV series in the future. It may also be in development. But, there’s no way of knowing without an official announcement from Respawn.

Fan-Made Apex Legends Animations

Here are some of the best Apex Legends animations made by some talented individuals and studios.

Arcane Intro, But It’s Apex Legends

Credit: Jay

Apex Legends | Cinematic Trailer

Credit: EnterLobby Digital

MEET BLOODHOUND – Apex Legends Fanmade CGI Short

Credit: GoldenLane Studio

When Will Apex Legends TV Series Come Out?

These pieces of evidence lead to only one conclusion: Respawn Entertainment might have some plans for the Apex legends TV series. However, Respawn did not make any official announcement regarding this. Also, keep in mind that Respawn launched Apex Legends without a prior announcement, so it is not unlikely that Respawn might also do the same for the Apex Legends TV series.

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