Apex Legends Lifeline Family Business Store: Skins, Price, Release Date, & More

Prominent data miners have revealed a new Lifeline skin bundle that is coming to the store pretty soon in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends releases Legend skins, Weapon skins, Charms, Banners, and more in every new season. Many Events such as Stories From The Outlands, Town Takeover, and Limited Time Mode take place in each season, and along with these Events, new cosmetics and skins are released into the game as purchasable items.

Since the launch of Apex Legends, Respawn has released a ton of Cosmetic items in the game for specific legends as bundles or single purchasable items. As these items are usually made available for a limited time, they become the really sought-after down the line.

Recently, a popular date miner called AG420 found files in the game files that suggest a Lifeline skin bundle will be available in the Lifeline Town Takeover update. A separate “Family Business Store” section in the Specials tab will open up, which will feature some exciting cosmetic items for Lifeline.

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Family Business Store Skins

Mischief Medic Bundle demonstrated the look of Lifeline from an earlier stage of her life when she decided to leave her parents for good. In the skin, she is wearing a hoodie with a Flyer Liars tag, which was the band she joined after leaving her home.

The Store includes:

  • Mischief Medic Bundle
  • Mischief Medic Skydive Emote
  • Shout Outs Lifeline Emote
  • D.O.C’s Shock Lifeline Finisher
  • Say hello Bonus Bundle
  • Rescue Bonus Bundle

Family Business Store Release Date

The Family Business Store will be released along with the Lifeline Town Takeover on June 21, 2022. The store will be available for a week.

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