List of All the Known Bugs and Glitches in Apex Legends Season 13

Season 13 is on the go, and players from all across the community have already started to explore many unique bugs and glitches in Apex Legends.

Since the beginning of Apex Legends, Respawn has regularly been introducing new updates and features to the community. The contents always go through intense playtesting by the developers before the final release.

Yet, many bugs and glitches make it into the game unnoticed by the developers, which is not very uncommon for a massive game like Apex Legends. So, when the actual content is released, and millions of players hop into the servers, countless bugs and glitches come out of the closet.

Likewise, with Season 13 update, Apex Legends has introduced a brand new Legend called Newcastle and a reworked Storm Point map with new POI and armories. And unsurprisingly, just like other seasons, the Saviors update has also brought out many interesting bugs and glitches in the game.

Some of them are just minor bugs and glitches that don’t hurt anyone. But, there are some game-breaking ones that can ruin other players’ experience and should not be in the game. And, Respawn might just fix them in the upcoming patches.

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List of Bugs and Glitches in Season 13 Apex Legends

Here, we’ll list some of the most unique and noticeable bugs and glitches that Season 13 of Apex Legends has brought to us so far. Some of the bugs and glitches have already been fixed. As a result, players might not experience them in the game.

Nonetheless, this is just for entertainment purposes only. We strongly discourage you from using any of these bugs and glitches as they can ruin other people’s experience in the game.

Ash Portal Into IMC Armories

IMC Armories were built in a way so that enemy players can not interrupt while the players inside the armory are terminating the spectres and upgrading their equipment. However, players have found a glitch to enter the closed armory from the outside with Ash Portal.

Wraith Portal Into IMC Armories

Similar to the Ash Portal trick, players can get into the Closed IMC Armory with the Wraith portal.

Newcastle and Revenant Combo Into the World’s Edge Vault

It has become a tradition at this point to break through the World’s Edge Vault without a key. Season 13 is not an exception, as players have figured out how to enter the Vault of World’s Edge with Revenant’s Ultimate and Newcastle’s Tactical.

Next-Gen Console Lobby Crash

Apparently, in next Gen Consoles like PS5 and XBOX Series X, this issue is occurring where people are using exploits to crash the whole server. However, in the PS5 version, the problem is a little different because instead of crashing, a white screen constantly flickers, making the game unplayable.

No Reg Issue is Back Again

No reg has always been a problem in Apex Legends, but it gradually became better as devs made a lot of improvements on the player hitboxes and servers. However, in Season 13, the Noreg issue seems to be back again.

Newcastle Flying Glitch

Newcastle can lock on to his teammates to use his Ultimate when needed. So, when valkyrie or Loba use their abilities to fly or go further, and Newcastle uses his Ultimate on them, it launches Newcastle to a higher altitude or a long distance.

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