Imperialhal Defends the New Ranked System, Says Players Should Not Solo Queue in Ranked

Apex Legends has brought drastic changes in Season 13, and many solo queue players complained against the new rank changes, but TSMFTX Imperialhal says otherwise and defends the new ranked system.

Apex Legends usually brings changes to certain aspects of the game every new season to maintain competitive integrity. Likewise, in Season 13, Respawn has made many changes to Apex Legends so that the mass player base can stay engaged in the game.

In Season 13 Saviors, Respawn has introduced a reworked storm point map, a new battle pass, a brand new ranked system, weapon, and character changes. Among all the changes, the new ranked system has made a huge impact on the Apex Legends community.

There is an ongoing controversy regarding the new ranked system. Players have divided into two groups, with one group supporting the reworked ranked system and another group not being very happy about the changes at all.

Especially the solo queue players are getting more affected by the new ranked system as it has become a lot harder for them to reach certain ranks. So, the professional Apex Legends player TSMFTX Imperialhal addressed the issue with solo queue in the new ranked system in his recent twitch stream.

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Players Should Not Solo Queue in Ranked

In a recent stream of Apex Legends ranked on Twitch, TSMFTX Imperialhal addresses the complaints regarding “how hard it is to reach certain ranks in the reworked ranked system as a solo”.

In the video, he says that Apex Legends is a team game, and it is reasonable to have a threshold for solo queuers to be able to reach, and players should three-stack in the ranked mode in order to reach higher ranks.

This means, in his opinion, there should be a maximum rank that they can reach as solo queuers. After that, they must three-stack to reach higher ranks or top positions. He also noticed the casual players who were complaining about the ranked system as they don’t get much time to grind ranked mode in Apex Legends.

In the reply, he mentioned the casual players by asking them, “if you are casual (player), and you don’t have time to even get to the higher rank, then why does the rank even matter to you in the first place?”

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